Friday, March 18, 2011

More detail about the 1000 swing workout...and video!

I took video of this past Saturdays swing pacing workout, but I didn't set up the camera right and chopped off my head! But here's part of it anyway, and more little more explaination of how to read my way of "workout shorthand"

For pacing workouts, most times, I write the rep count in 15 second intervals. So, if I write 10x10, what I mean is ten 15 second intervals at ten reps per interval. NOT 10 one hand swings x 10 sets. 11 x 10, means 11 reps per 15 seconds x ten 15 sec intervals, NOT 11 one hand swings x 10 sets. 12 x 10 means 12 reps per 15 seconds, x ten 15 sec. intervals, not 12 one hand swings x 10 sets.

Although as long as you complete the 11, 12, 13, etc, reps in each 15 seond interval, you can do all one hand swings, it doesn't matter. That's why (in parentheses) I wrote the swing combinations I used in each paced set, and the video
shows some examples.

The more one hand swings you do without switching the more difficult it is to speed up the pace. this is why I never chose to use a swing combination like 5/5, or 10/10 for the speed swings. 11 reps per 15 sec interval is not that much faster, until you get closer to the end, but at 12 reps per 15 secs (48 RPM, reps per minute), the torque created by your body as you try and stop the bell from swinging too high with the asymetrical swing, in my opinion, is not useful enough to use as a training method. It's the power while increasing heartrate, not torque that I want to create.


Nadine said...
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Diana said...

Haha, you have your "own" brand of kettlebell swing terminology just like medicine has it's own terminology! Lucky for me, I can decipher both of 'em!
When does this next kick ass DVD you guys taped hit the "add to cart" section?

Nadine said...

THANK YOU! I really appreciate it.
Can't wait to try next week!
I know you usually do 10 swings in 15 seconds, but then, I couldn't figure out how 10X10 with rests would be 2.5 minutes! I was SO confused! LOL ...And I'm not even blonde! ;)
I will be doing these 2 handed.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Nadine said...

Okay, there is no edit button!
I am going to start with the 2 handed swings and then follow the workout as posted! arg! stupid computer!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's all about "branding" these days, isn't it?

I forget that I've had my own "code" since the beginning and because of that have never really explained it to anyone. Ive still got alot of work ahead of me...all fun "work" though.

As far as the advanced's so close to being ready it's not funny! But too bad you won't be in Seattle next weekend for my Swing workshop! I'm introducing new training routine that I hope to include in my "Programming the Swing#2". Three hours of swings!

We will be doing easily twice as many swings as the first one!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yes, the swing combinations are up to you, but be warned, 100 rep 2 hd swing sets are not easy, so you will have to go so some other 1 hand swing combinations....

whoops, did I just challenge myself to an ALL 2 hand swing workout?

Tedee said...

Excellent. Thanks for explaining.
Looking forward to the new DVD workout!

Nadine said...

HI Tracy!

Okay, I did this workout this morning:

I really liked it and it was challenging. I did some changes- I don't like 2 handed swings, so I did a roundabout again for the last set of 100 swings. Also, I read your explanation days ago when I printed out the workout- then promptly forgot about it. LOL.. While doing the workout, I was 30 seconds behind with the 14x10 and just tacked that on at the end. Then I went back and re-read your explanation and felt much better - you had the same issue! =)
it was hard slowing down the reps for the 10x10 once I got into the higher #'s.
the videos and explanation really helped. (I followed along with the roundabout video) and once I got going, it all clicked!
Thanks again! and I look forward to more swing challenges! =)