Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"100"....it's all good

I love designing workouts. I really never know what we'll be doing in class from one week to another, but even I surprise myself with the routines I create. I mean, they're only swings...right?

I've been incorporating more one hand swings than ever before. It happens to be my weakness and I believe for most women one hand swings for reps are much more of a challenge than for men (so, if any men are going to try this workout, it should be easy, right?). My class has no choice but to work my weaknesses since I'm the boss, lol!

I dig this "100" theme I've created, and here's another to add to the mix....if you think this one is challenging, just wait until I post the "snatch" version of it! But before you skip to the sexy stuff, high volume swing workouts seperate the men from the boys....enjoy!

"100" anyway you mix it up, it's all good!

You'll need a bell you know you can swing 100 reps non stop, and you'll need a bell that is challenging 10-20 reps at a time. I used the 12kg and the 20kg. (I wanted to use the 24kg, but since I've never done this combination before I thought since I was leading my class I should err on the side of light...trust me the 20kg was plenty!)

warm up w/12kg is equal work/rest

10 2 hd sw x 4
5/5 1 hd sw x 2
5/5/5/5 1 hd sw x 2

100 swings, 5 minutes

work sets

10/10 1 hd sw x 5 w/12kg = 100 reps, 2.5 min

30 sec rest

10 2 hd sw R, rest, 10 2 hd sw L, rest, w/20kg x 5 = 100 reps 5 min.

1 min rest

200 swings 7.5 min.

15/15 1 hd sw x 3 w/12kg = 90 reps, 2.25 min

45 sec rest

15 2 hd sw R, rest, 15 2 hd sw L, rest w/20kg = 90 reps 4.5 min.

1 min rest

180 swings, 6.75 min.

20/20 1 hd sw x 2 w/12kg = 80 reps, 2.0 min

1 min rest

20 2 hd sw R, rest, 20 2 hd sw L w/20kg = 80 reps 4.0 min

1 min rest

160 swings, 6 min.

20.25 minutes

540 swings per rotation 1/2 with the 12kg and 1/2 with the 20 kg...hey, it makes a difference!


total workout 45.5 minutes

1180 swings

The only tricky part is in the 2nd part of this workout. 15 reps takes 22 1/2 seconds, you would then take equal rest of 22 1/2 sec for a total of 45 sec work/rest. In the second rotation my class did the 22 1/2 seconds worth of work, but only took 7 1/2 sec rest! that shaved off about 1.5 minutes. This was the killer!

Anyway, I've been wanting to do some heavy swings, and this workout addressed both long ass sets with heavy ass sets! Could you ask for anything more?

After training with my class at Girya I headed over to Equinox to apply this same concept to snatches....I'll post the workout on Thursday.....all I can say is "yikes"!


Diana said...

Hmmmm, long AND heavy? Just the way I like it!
Good thing today is my snatch day, I can hardly wait to see what long and hard have to do with snatches! LOL

Today I'm going long, very long with the snatch........

Diana said...

Oops, I should proof-read! That should say "long and heavy" not hard to do with snatches! Either way you look at it, I'm sure it's a bitch!

Nadine said...

I did this this morning!!I love 1 hand swings. I used the 12kg and 20kg.
You rock!!
Great workout and a lot of fun!
perfect timing as Wednesday is usually my Tracy swing day (sometimes its my Tracy swing/snatch day;) )
I am scared to see the snatch workout!!...but looking forward to it!!

Thanks so much for the workout!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I couldn't get through the snatch workout I had planned...it might have something to do with the 1500 swings I did just before that. Lucky me it just gives me another workout to try and get closer.

Saturday used to be my snatch day, but since one of my star students can't hold anything overhead, we are training other movements.

Typically I will do a 30 minute snatch workout after my swing class, but before my press workout with Mark on Tuesdays.

Tracy Reifkind said...


The next progression is back to 100, but done in this way

25/25 x 4

25 2 hd sw x 4

you decide the rest

want to go further?

50/50 x 1

50 2 hd sw x 2

Hey I think I just wrote Saturdays workout (but instead of 2 hd swings maybe we'll do doubles!)

thanks for taking the time and interest to do these workouts.

ljbarron said...

No fat asses in your long ass, hard ass workout! That was hard. I worked out by myself and I Know that makes it harder. the last half was a real mind game (smart ass vs lazy ass) but I did it. I also used the 12 and the 20kg.
It felt so good to get to the end!
thank you, I will be imobile on Friday.
Okay I am REALLY HAPPY that I finished it!


Tracy Reifkind said...


Nice! Thanks for commenting and if you didn't notice I posted a slightly tougher addition via my comment to Nadine!

You can always play with the size kettlebell to lighten it or make it heavier. My training partner Meg used the 24kg for the 2nd rotation, and as I think I mentioned to Nadine, doubles would be fun too!

Thanks for the comment

Jon said...

Lol. OK, I just got here because I was wondering if 100 swings (16kg) was a good little workout. I think I need to work harder!