Friday, March 11, 2011

Mid Week Celebration, and my bicep vein makes an apperance

Just so no one thinks I'm anywhere near perfect.... Saturday is my day off from my weekly foods, but I decided mid week to relax, unwind, and let go. Everyday I feel so lucky and happy that I get to do what I do...train, cook, write, teach, coach, yoga, shop, being married to the love of my life sharing so many of the same interests, so why not celebrate?

Ususally if I do decide to stray from routine I like to do it the night before a kettlebell workout! I would much rather kettlebell off a hangover than suffer through Bikrams the morning after a little partying. But it wasn't like I had a total pig out. A couple of quesadillas and some chocolate ganache I made in the microwave to mix with yogurt....after a couple of glasses of wine with the nuts and cheese. A food hangover lasts much longer than the effects of a few glasses of red wine! I have to say though I do some of my best cooking after a glass of wine!

Thursday morning, 5:45am, in the gym (Girya), ouch! No choice though. The following 45 minutes was all short, equal work to rest, sets. It's a misconception that high volume training is work sets that lasts for minutes at a time, but my definition of high volume is total number of reps in a workout. Near the end of my first workout I noticed my bicep vein making an apperance!

In my blogpost about being happy with my body I mentioned that I didn't really have any bodyweight "goals", but I forgot that, in addition to feeling good in my clothes, I really want a visible bicep vein back! Some women don't like having visible veins in their arms, but I do!

When I was skinny (funny huh?), when I was skinny I had a visible bicep vein all the time...because I had a little bit of muscle and low bodyfat. Now I have alot more muscle, but my bodyfat is just high enough to cover up that stinkin' vein, unless I'm training. I want to walk around with it showing all the time, lol!

So I'll keep doing what I'm doing....showing up for the workouts and training hard, eating good foods in the right amounts, seeing it in my mind and feeling it in my heart, and I have everything I want!

Picture above is 139lbs, currently 111lb of lean muscle, picture below is probably 128lbs, 102-103 lbs of lean muscle. Eight more pounds of lean muscle...nice!


Mark Reifkind said...

Very nice indeed, my love.

and we have SO much to celebrate. More and more every, single day.:))

Maribel said...

You know, it was those arms that gave me the courage to approach you for training after admiring them for weeks at BYC. I was "man! who has arms like that? A bad ass, that's who! I want to be a bad ass!"...I kid you not, that was the conversation in my head. LOL!

Diana said...

You BEAST........:)

I have a "sweet" vein that's always ready for action inside my right elbow-funny story is that while walking down the hall at work at the hospital, as I passed a phlebotomist, she commented to me; "man, I'd like to tap that sucker"......hahahahaha, I still laugh about that one.
I'm 100% with ya on the arm thing sister! WTH do ya think Terminator 2 is one of my favorites? Hellllloooooo, did you see Linda Hamilton's arms in that movie??!!! LOL

Tracy Reifkind said...

my sweet (Mark, lol)

we got it pretty good! Mostly because you work so hard...thank you!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Geez...I did not know that! Thanks for such a great compliment, it makes me want to work harder!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I wrote about the compliments I got from my anethesiologist about my veins and how easy it was for him to "hook me up". He asked me if I was an athlete! Such a huge compliment right there!

Goodness, I forgot about Linda H. in Terminater 2....but I too was blown away by her physique, especially her upper body in that movie. I never for one moment thought I could look like that....but now I know better!

Ben Edwards said...

You do have great arms Tracy! Frankly, I think that it's part of the reason why some guys follow your blog and training. They tend to see arms like yours as kind of a badge of honor. You've earned them. And the respect of everyone who covets muscular arms.

Ben Edwards

Shashi Suryawanshi said...

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