Saturday, March 19, 2011

Salty Sweet

What just may be better than a prune with peanut butter? An apricot with an olive! I love sweet and salty, and since I'm out of prunes and raisins these days I found some dried apricots a friend had given me from Casa de Fruita this past Xmas time...(did you catch the fact that I "found" them....which means I went "looking", lol).

After getting a bit lean last month for our video shoot, I've managed to plump back up again (in a good way), so while planning my weekly food for next week I'm also planning my snacks. Too bad I ate the rest of the apricots....should I buy more? Or move on? One thing is for sure, I love this combination enough to remember it and make it again.

Mark and I are going to Seattle next weekend for an RKC re-Cert on Friday, an HKC on Sat., and a 4 hour workshop on Sunday....where I'll be teaching "Programming the Swing, the workouts", in addition to material for Programming the Swing #2! Never before seen outside my classroom, I have some advanced swing routines and techniques that will keep us swinging for, uh, maybe 3 hours! That could mean over 3000 swings! Hope you can come! (for more info contact Andrea U-Shi Chang at Kettlebility in Seattle WA)

Since we are leaving on Thursday I only need to prepare for the next 5 days. Here are my thoughts about what I'll make....mostly the usual stuff because I love my usual stuff!

salad mix
veg soup (which means I'll have to poach a couple of chickens)
tomato soup (already defrosted from this past week)
proteins, chicken, pork, tuna, sausage cottage cheese
butternut and guac smoothies
some kind of lentil or bean stew (or chili)...ah, lamb, forget the pork this week
dried fruit of some kind....haven't decided yet
oh...and a few pieces of candy (who am I trying to kid?)

I'm hooked on poached chicken breast meat. I do it in the pressure cooker and it comes out buttery tender! I'll write a blogpost about it because not many people know how to properly poach chicken without overcooking it and drying it out. You would think that cooking a piece of meat in liquid wouldn't dry it out, but overcooking is overcooking, and there is a technique to poaching breast meat perfectly. My family, including me, doesn't even like chicken breast meat, but my son has actually requested I make more. I only make it when I buy a whole chicken, I never buy only breast meat....that would be a waste of dark meat and bones...the best parts!

Good news is that I need more rich chicken stock for soup and chili, and I can get that from the bones of 2 whole chickens and all of my frozen veg scraps. Since tomorrow is Sunday I'll be sure and get everything done before the day is over.

Goodness, life is seriously fun these days!


MJ said...

Would love the PC poaching recipe! Thanks for all of your great posts!

Amber said...

A friend of mine loves getting her apricots from an amazing vendor at the farmers market at the San Jose train station. (or was it sunnyvale?) in any case, they were fab.. I remember going there with her after also visiting the farmers market on Murphys street (I think that was the name, it was a while ago!!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Learning how to poach chicken breast can be a "chicken" life changer for alot of people!

I've known the proper way of poaching for a long time, but as I mentioned my family doesn't like breast meat. I only started making it because I was buyin whole chickens again for roasting and for stock as well as to haverst the dark meat for salads.

I don't eat sandwiches, but poached cicken breast would make a killer sandwich!

Tracy Reifkind said...


After I journaled my food yesterday I was shocked to find out that 1/2 dried apricot (that's how you find them, in halves), is only 8 freakin' calories...good thing I didn't know that to begin with! I might have eaten more!

Alison said...

I'm new to your blog so maybe you've already posted something about smoothies with butternut squash? I already do the avocado, but the squash sounds really interesting.

I'll be at your wkshp this weekend in Seattle. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and Mark and improving my swing and lats!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I did post the butternut smoothie last month.

You are going to love the workshops! Seriously, you will walk away a different athlete!

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