Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Last Reps....USSST....PR for Tracy, 211, and Megs first attempt, 210!

Well......I love training Russian Kettlebells.... What better is there to do? I mean, really, what else do you have going on? Training takes up so little time....OK I admit it takes alot of energy and commitment, but after you put in...what...about and hour or so? What the hell?

Meg earned her HKC last weekend at Girya, so we did not get to train our Max Vo2 w/16kg workout.....her, learning and training, and me, helping assist and coach.....what better time to test the 10 minute snatch test w/16kg, then after over a week off from heavy snatches? One of things that I like about having Meg as a training partner (besides her fierce competitveness...which she denies, lol), is her willingness to just do as I say! She'll show up....that's the trained, competitve athlete in her...she's taken away the choice of whether or not she "feels" like it! Bravo!

So, I decided now was as good a time as any to test the 16kg snatch. Afterall, we had just done Max training, 2 weeks ago, with the 16kg for what? 70 sets? Oh yes, 70 freakin' sets....and 42-44 sets of 8 reps.....we had already done over 500 snatches with the 16kg....what's a couple hundred in 10 minutes? LOL

Tracys 211

Megs 210

Although we taped video of the full 10 minutes....for now, here is the last minutes of both of our USSST. I went first and then Meg. Neither one of us talked to the other about any strategy other than Meg asking me, just before I started, if I had a goal number....which, I told her was 200. When I have more time and energy I'll post the complete 10 minute sets, and talk about the strategy I went in with, based on my last test....BTW I did this test, probably, 2 years ago and managed 171 reps in the 10 minutes, so todays 211 total was a 40 rep PR, for me!

Looking back at the video I can see lots of room for improvement, which I'll share in the next blogpost about this....I can't wait to retest this, and retesting the SSST (10 minutes w/12kg) will also be interesting.....that will happen after we get our Max 80 sets w/16kg.

PS After my last blogpost, I was tempted to title this one something like "Grandmother snatches the 16kg 211 reps in 10 minutes!" LOL


Diana said...

People who do not train with kettlebells are totally missing out on something fantastic!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Funny how testing with the 16kg peaked your interest, but not the 10 minute test with the 12kg!

I encourage you to test both, as the two are completely different. (and I know you will, lol)

fawn said...

Wow Tracy, you are amazing!

Rob O'Brien said... continue to amaze amd motivate me! Keep up the good work!


Tracy Reifkind said...


Gimme a could do the same, anyday of the week, lol! Do me a favor and never try it!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have to say that this whole "HKC" thing has motivated me in a whole new way. First of all, getting to attend so many Certs with Mark is truly amazing, but now we are scheduled for even more, practically twice a month next year for something KB related. This has me much more involved in the whole KB community, which in turn motivates me to "practice what I preach"

I hear you're training 36/36....Meg and I are next w/16kg

Rob O'Brien said...

I agree...I wish I didn't live 3000 miles away from you and Mark. I would love to participate. My wife Fabiana and I loved RKC and would love to be in that type enviorment on a regular basis.

Yah, started the 36:35 today. It is very diffrent from the 15:15 in that ymy grip is more of a factor than anything else. When I got 100 sets of 8 in the 15:15 I really think I could have made it to 125 sets (1000 snatches) but my hands would have been toast for a week. I hate the 36:36...which means it is proably very good for me.


Diana said...

There's a test with the 12kg???? I'm all over that first! Good chance it will be today! "maybe" a video......
The 16kg for 10 minutes right now would definitely make me puke-maybe a month from now. The 16kg is coming along nicely.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I just watched your video! Great job, great pace, but before you test with the 16kg, you should try and increase your reps with the 12kg.

Make a training plan, re-test in 6 weeks, and then test withthe 16kg for a baseline #....train to improve, the retest....etc.

Maybe some Max Vo2 is in order, starting with 40-50 sets and working toward 60-80 sets, lol! Whoops, sorry for the challenge.....I mean's probably not for

Anonymous said...

This is great Tracy!! You are awesome and inspiring!

The Boot Camp Queen said...

What are you wearing on your hands? I've tried a few different things but wonder what you use?

sosublime said...

Darn it! I am missing out. You all are having more fun and fitness, than I am!!! I am jealous.