Saturday, December 19, 2009

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul....and recipe for kettlecorn

I love that phrase, because it applies to so many area of my life....good God, I've been robbing "Peter to pay Paul" for as long as I can remember! (and it's not necessarily a good, kind of). I was never taught by my parents to be a "mature" kind of way. And by that I mean, paying bills, building credit, being punctual (I have Mark to thank for teaching me to be on time), or actually doing what I say I will.... and following through......I'm not going to blame my parenting, but.......

Anyway, I'm talking about something else right now......I'm talking about robbing "Peter Calorie" to pay "Junk Food Paul"! In a perfect world, I truly believe that it doesn't matter what I eat, or how much I eat, it's how I feel about what I eat, and how I feel about myself....hence the first part of the blog title, Transforming Thought.......but that's another, long ass, blogpost......

In the mean time, as I juggle calories....whether or not I do it consciously, or subconsciously, I have to make choices.....what motivates those choices, is again, another "long ass" blog post....(PS it's a good thing I'm spending more time around my precious granddaughter, Sophie, because it has to cure me of my "sailor"mouth!)

So here's the deal.....I trained my freakin', frackin', ass off today, (Meg and I did 80 sets of Max Vo2 w/12kg earlier), and all I could think about was how I "deserved" whatever I wanted....and that may be true.....and what I "deserved" was a big ass batch of kettlecorn....yum, freakin' yum! (When I visited our friend Jen and Greg in Santa Barbara, I was sure to bring the ingredients for a big batch! ), and I was willing to not eat a "regular" meal in exchange, but......the more I thought about eating the good food I was going to make for dinner, the less attractive it was to trade off. There are just too many food choices, good food choices.....not that kettlecorn isn't "good".

Sometimes it isn't even about the calories. I can fit a small batch of kettlecorn into my calorie count for the day (I don't formally count calories anymore, but I know basically what I'm eating), it's about how I'm going to feel the next day if I make and eat a big batch, which is why I don't drink a bottle of wine everynight, lol! It's not like I never eat sweets, I eat something sweet practically everyday, but it's usually early in the day, and it's rare that I overeat them these days.

Robbing Peter Calorie, to pay Junk Food Paul has always worked for me, especially back in the days where I had my once a week "Cheat Day" (Sat.), followed by a fasting day (Sun.), so it's nothing new. It's when you rob Peter, and never pay back, that's just not nice.

Mark and I met Dawn Jarrell at dinner in St. Paul when we were there for the HKC this past
Sept. Dawn shared with me her recipe for old fashioned home made popcorn using coconut oil. Coconut oil is a different type of fat, it's a medium chain triglyceride. That means that our bodies don't store it as bodyfat as easily, instead our bodies treat it more like a doesn't taste like coconut! There are many other benefits of coconut oil. oil/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html

Basic kettlecorn recipe
1 part oil
2 parts sugar
3 parts popcorn
salt, of course (I use kosher)
For a "big batch" I use 3 tbl coconut oil. 6 tbl sugar. 9 tbl popcorn.

Melt oil in a pot big enough to hold the corn once it starts to pop (I use an 8 qt pot). Add in 3 kernels of popcorn, put the lid on and listen for all 3 to this time the oil is the right temp and you can go ahead and add in all of your popcorn and sugar. Shake the pot to make sure everything is coated, replace the lid and give it a good shake every 30 seconds or so,until you hear the "popping" slow down, or stop.
Turn off the heat, remove the pot, being careful of the steam when you take off the lid. Add a few good pinches of salt and stir using a long wooden spoon, or long metal tongs.....because there's "hot" sugar on the corn you can not use your hands! Let cool for a minute or two and dump into a big bowl....I mean several small bowls because you will be sharing this...won't you?

Always trying to make my junk food more nutritious, I add in about 2 t. flax seeds to my kettlecorn! I've also tried to make kettlecorn with honey, and brown sugar instead of white sugar. Both of those substitutions tasted a little "burnt", and I didn't think the tradeoff was worth it.

Don't think I'm smart enough to know anything about coconut oil, I got my information from my brilliant husband Mark....he knows everything! Seriously, he does!


Anonymous said...

I love coconut oil. It has been my primary cooking oil for the past 7 or 8 years. I also use it on my skin on a daily basis. It's amazing.

I used to be really bad at the robbing Peter to pay Paul thing. I'd eat something bad and think "Oh, I'll do 2 hours on the treadmill" or whatever to make up for it. Or I'd eat a bunch of junk and then starve for 2 days. It was crazy.

Jen said...

Hi Tracy! YES you did bring that kettlecorn goodness to our house and Greg talks about it all the time!! LOL! Yummy, Yummy stuff!!

I'm afraid to tell him that you posted the recipe..that could be very dangerous around here. :)

I'd kind of given up on robbing Peter to Pay Paul since it never seems to pan out... but maybe I didn't pay Paul enough??!! I'm back counting calories again to see what happens. Wish me luck!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


ohhh...using it on the skin...luxurious, lol!

I'm tired of trying to exercise off calories. Seriously. I should write a blogpost about that....I think I will.....

Training out of "fear". I've been thinking about this subject since this past summer.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've been meaning to "fit" kettlecorn into my dinner meal, but it always seems to get screwed up by the fact that I teach class the next day!

It's amazing how having to show up and teach class keeps me on track....otherwise I'd be as big as a house.....seriously. God gave me this job.

I want kettlecorn!

Maybe tomorrow! New years Eve! No classes on Friday! LOL!

This is why you need to train for your you can hold classes at your dojo....that'll keep you lean and mean, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Jen.....kettlecorn on New Years Eve....with M&M's! I'm serious! M and freakin' M's

Jen said...

I just searched for this recipe :) I knew I remembered you posting. xoxo