Monday, December 21, 2009

Rugrat Sandwich

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I have joint custody, during the Holidays, of the Rugrats, Willy and Nilly (aka, the redheaded stepchildren, offense to red heads....but I guess it is offensive....sorry....yikes!). Here is, from the top down, Petunia (aka,Tuna), Nilly (aka Purr Monster), and Sexy (don't ask!).


Diana said...

Finally.........a cat pic!!! I love redheads! Hello? Biggest Lucy fan in the USA!
Thanks for the picture update! I hope they get a nice batch of catnip for Christmas!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I forgot you were a big Lucy fan! I dodn't know how I ended up with so many redheads!

Most people don't know (or probably don't care!), that 90% of all red cats (that includes the light red known as 'cream') are boys. I have three red sisters! Highly unusual, but the mother cat had a litter of 7, 6 of them were girls...only one boy!

When Gabe brought home the rugrats I knew they were probably boys, just based on the fact that they were red....and they were!

Ward Terrie said...

The problem is joint custody, you is not the problem

Tracy Reifkind said...

Ward T,

The problem IS joint custody, lol!

I've decided to buy a condo closer to my grandaughter, and move out from under my cats, lol! If they're lucky I'll come home on the weekends to feed them!