Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Blender Diet

I often pose this question, when talking to someone about what kinds of foods they currently eat in their daily diet...."Would you put all of your days food, from breakfast to dinner, in a blender, blend it all up, and pour it down a kitchen sink that had no garbage disposal?" Most times that question creates the image of the point I'm trying to make.

First off, if you don't eat alot of fresh foods,(vegetables) all of your days food might break a blender! The sludge you're whipping up would clog a kitchen sink, what's it doing once you force it down your esophagus, do you wonder why you're constipated? And then what would it taste like?

Personally, most days I could say that I wouldn't have a problem taking my whole days food, blending it all toghether and eating it. It would be a loose consistency and because most every one of my meals is veggie based, it would probably taste like a green veggie smoothie, lol! (not as sweet...unless I happened to have a cookie binge that day, LOL!)

Now a whole days food is an dramatic example, so what about just one meal? How many of each of the meals you eat in a day could you blend together and still eat? What about the meals you feed your kids? If you're not eating enough fresh vegetables, are your kids?

I once had a young mother brag to me about how her kids had never had, what I consider "instant food", she defined instant food as "fast food" like Mc Donald's, in fact she went on and on about how she had taught her kids that Mc Donald's was poison! I then asked her if her kids had ever had a hot dog! She admitted they had, and she had to admit often! What's the difference?

Just some thoughts.


Kori Bliffert, RKC, NASM-CPT said...

Awesome analogy (sp?)!!

Concrete Queen said...

Good One !!

Jo said...

I actually am on the blender diet for at least half the day! Juices for AM and soups for PM. I dont think I've ever been able to consume that much veges and fruits in my life!

And i need to make a shamless plug for my blender... the vita mix (same one that jamba uses)! it's amazing!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Fruit juices are so calorie dense, I just don't know how people get away with them...I'd rather eat my fruit, personally. At about 100 calories per piece of fruit, how many pieces go into a smoothie?

Jo said...

Actually my juice only has 1 apple in it. The rest are usually beets and carrots. Or whatever other random veges I have. I find that 1 apple is more than enough for sweetness. Ooohh and i like to sneak in some ginger too when the husband is not watching :) So ultimately, it's really 1/2 an apple for me in one juice.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Beets and Carrots are highest on the glycemic index for sugar, I use them sparingly also. Roasted beets are the same as potatoes in my body and affect my weight the same also. And carrots soup is the same as butternut squash soup. also something I have to modederate!

I consider beets and carrots as "cheat veggies" almost the same as fruit! (but that's the snob in me, lol!) That's why the beets from my weekly CSA never got used, and why I eventually ended up just twisting off the tops (the good part!), and leaving the beets to reek havoc in someone elses body!