Monday, October 20, 2008

All Day Shopping

I wanted to go food shopping all day. I was hoping to run to whole foods for some bulk items before yoga, when I wasn't hungry, but I was running late and knew going after yoga I would be hungry, and wet, yuck.

In my mind I know I have some beef stock that I need to use, the sooner the better, and I love playing with my pressure cooker so much that I wanted to duplicate a mushroom, barley, red rice stew I made the other day. I love it when I make something that Mark really likes! But I had plenty of food that needed tending to and I didn't need to go to the store...really....but I thought about it all day....

I threw some brown rice in the PC for my dinner salad and I had to roast that stinkin' chicken (now that it's done I'm happy to have chicken meat already cooked and roasted bones for more stock...I don't need lol). I made some quinoa salad early in the day that I thought tasted really yummy (baby greens quinoa, baby tomatoes, chinese long beans, green onions yellow bell, dressed with oil and red vinegar and feta cheese mixed in) I wish I could eat it....well I can, but I won't eat a normal amount, that I know, which is the point.

I did have the energy to whip up a batch of yellow squash soup, but i'm still undecided about the last of the tomatoes. I still have lots of celery, I guess that white bean and celery soup will just have to wait, oh, and geez, two freakin' heads of purple cauliflower, good Lord, I have so much food, how could I think about wanting more?

I wish I had the time to write the blog post about my double yoga with my sweetie, but that'll wait until morning. yoga @ 7:15 and a new kb client @9:15, after I'll shower, make myself look decent, and then after eating I'll go shopping...yea!

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