Thursday, October 31, 2013

100 swing warm up...or once, twice, three times a workout?

Keeping it real in Croatia!  Before dinner on Monday night, just up from a nap I had to do some kind of workout!  Here is 4 sets of swings I've been using, pretty much, as a typical warm up to a longer workout.  Days before I left for this trip I had done a workout repeating only the last set of this warm up making it into an entire workout by changing up the rest intervals.  Here is the first part, a quick warm up to practice until the real workout comes in a couple of days;

10 2 hand swing (15 sec/15 sec)
10 2 hd swings + 10 tr (20 reps 30 sec/30 sec)
10 2 hd swings + 10 transfer swings + 5/5 one had sw (30 reps 45 sec/45 sec
10 2 hd swings + 10 transfer sw + 5/5 one hd sw + 10 2 hd sw (40 reps 1 min/1 min)

100 swings 5 min

You can practice this once, twice, three times and get a nice little workout done, and when I post the rest of it you'll be ready for more!  Of course I changed the workout a bit from this video to the next!  I can't help myself, it's so much fun!

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