Friday, October 18, 2013

"Take and Take"! The beginning of the advanced series....

If I had to pick out my favorite workout of all time it would be my Give and Take workouts!  They are the workouts that "fit" almost every level of kettlebeller, beginning to advanced with so many variations.  It's a workout that I've lead Instructors through at previous Certs that I've been assisting at and I'm always complimented afterwards about how fun and challenging it was, and often asked for the routine itself!

Which is why I chose to do a second DVD of just Give and Take routines, and dragged Jeff Sokol SFG to join me!  Jeff had never done any of my routines, not even Give and Take #1, but he jumped right in, or I should say, "swung right in"!  But I'm not so sure he'd be ready for the first advanced workout!

Both Give and Take DVD's always have an "equal work to rest" ratio of swing reps.  The difference between #1 and #2 is that the first workouts in "Give and Take" never have more that 20 reps per minute of work.  The 20 reps are distributed in easy rep ladders within that minute of work, but never more.  In "Give and Take #2", also and equal work to rest, increase in reps to 30 reps per 1.5 min intervals, and 40 reps per 2 min intervals.  That is the main difference, which is why #2 is more advanced, but still appropriate at a beginning level, and Jeff and I demonstrate how to scale it back if you chose to start with #2.  I do have to caution that the instruction in #2 will be much more clear if you have the experience of the first Give and Take DVD.

That being said....  Increasing rep counts from 20 to 30 to 40 is just one way of advancing to a new level, but doing those reps (workloads) with less than equal rest is another kind of challenge!  The complimentary video I've included at the top of this post shows how you can use another one of my methods ("work into rest") to progressively decrease the rest periods while increasing the rep count at the same time!  Yikes!  Fun stuff!  Enjoy!

You will find the links to purchase all of my current DVD's here in my blog in the left side bar. If you have any questions about which would be best for you please ask!  The biggest reason why I give so many short companion workouts away is to thank all of you that have supported me these past years by buying my products, reading/commenting on my blog and facebook, and come to my classes.  I want to keep doing what I do, which is designing and creating fun efficient workouts for kettlebell athletes of all levels using only one movement, The Swing!  I need motivation too!

Thank you all!

Whoops....did I forget to mention that I also video taped a super duper advanced Give and Take?  Sorry...  You better practice up because in about two weeks I'll post another even more advanced workout.  How much more advanced?  Well, let's just say the longest swing set is 56 continuous reps!  


Diana said...

I really like that first video! I'm gonna give that one a try!
Would be kind of a fun twist on it by doing 10 snatches for the second part! Hmm.....

Tracy Reifkind said...


Ten snatches would take too long, but it could finagled!

I do a Give and Take Snatch workout in my classes for years now, but never a swing/snatch G&T together. In other words I do G&T swings, then G&T snatch.

G&T snatch needs 1 minute intervals, no less, where the swing versions are most challenging in 30 sec and 15 sec intervals. But the biggest reason I never combined the two is that not everybody that comes to class knows how to snatch.

Most all of my classes start out with 30 minutes, solid, of swings only. I then take more intermediate and advanced students on to other skills.