Thursday, October 24, 2013

Greeting from Croatia

It's Friday morning....about 2:00am!  I don't mind waking up so early but I know better than to make some coffee yet!  I had some trouble trying to get on the internet last night so I just got out of bed to try and catch up a little.

We arrived in Veince Italy on Wednesday afternoon and after a short nap we were treated to an amazing pizza dinner and an even more amazing bottle of wine by our host MSFG Fabio Zonin.  Although I was no where near acclimated eating until almost 10 at night just never feels right.  I had planned on getting up early and walking off some of those heavy carbs, but when we got up around 6:00am it was still very dark, and rainy.  It stayed dark until way past 8:00am and I decided I was not familiar with my surroundings enough to feel comfortable.  My back was still feeling muscle tightness from the super crazy workout I did hours before we left the day before AND carrying my computer and gym bag through the airport!  Recovery was much more important, and besides I actually felt good when I woke up.

11:00am we checked out and got in the car to drive to Croatia.  Fabio first took us to SFG Italy headquarters to pick up a few things we needed for the Instructor Certification Mark is teaching this weekend (starting in about 6 hours!).  We needed a couple of banners, and to pick up three competition kettlebells Fabio had delivered for me to use during our 2 week stay!  (guess what I'll be doing later this morning?)

We arrived in Kastav, Croatia around 4:00pm to meet our host Sasa Rajnovic who brought us to our apartment and took us for a short walk around the town.  We are also here with Mike Sousa SFG 2 (Full Force PT, Modesto) who Mark requested to assist here at the Cert.  It's Mike's first time in Europe so it's fun watching his excitement about the experience.  Dinner was planned for....7:00pm....ugh.  I was beat, still a bit jet lagged, but mostly I just didn't want to wake up this morning with a late dinner still in my stomach, so I passed and stayed home.  

I'm sorry I missed meeting all of the new SFG candidates, but I thought it was going to be just the guys.  I'll meet everybody this morning and watch the first part of the Cert, which is always the swing!  (maybe they'll let me do a few reps?)

See you all again soon! I'm tired again!  Maybe I can catch another hour of sleep....and then coffee!


Morgan L. said...

What a life! Give Mark my best and safe travels.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Agreed! And will do!