Friday, November 1, 2013

What Day Is It? Opatija

I'm going to try and write some very short blog posts about my trip before I forget.  Short for a blog, but too long for facebook!

On Sunday, the last day of SFG Croatia I met up with Marla, a friend of mine from New Mexico, traveling through eastern Europe on sabbatical from her job.  Marla had earned her RKC years ago as a personal challenge and was definitely inspired to train for her SFG after spending Sunday morning with me watching the snatch test, and then returning with me to watch the grad workout!  In between, since she had a car, we drove to nearby Opatija, a seaside tourist town some describe as the Croatian French Riviera!  On this day it was an overcast day on the Riviera!

Only about 15 minutes way (the photo from Mike Souza's room you can see Opatija) I was still anxious not wanting to return back too late, missing the Grad workout, so we only stayed for a couple of hours.  First a walk down the main street, lined with shops and cafe's, we just had to stop at the chocolate bar!

We shared a fruit and chocolate fondue and I picked up a few chocolate coconut truffles for Mark.  If it weren't so early, AND we had to drive back, I most certainly would have had to try one of the alcoholic chocolate drinks!  

Marla and I caught up on each other's lives as we strolled along the waterfront path, then stopped at the market for some supplies (good, or should I say "better" wine) before heading back to Kastav....just in time, although we took one tiny wrong turn!  Good thing Opatija, Rijecka and Kastav are only minutes away from each other!  

Marla left around noon the next day on her way to one of Croatia's National parks. While Mark and I were enjoying his first day off, I was also saving my appetite for a fabulous dinner to come!  But first a late afternoon workout!  (You all saw the last post, right?)

See you at dinner!  Kukuriku was so good we ate there two nights in a row!

photo above was taken from the roof top window in Mike Sousa SFG ll's room.  Next year Mark and I will take the other apartment next door with the same view! 


Diana said...

chocolate coconut truffles! BAM!

Tracy Reifkind said...


That was not even the tip of the iceberg! Seriously. If overeating and over drinking didn't make me like shit so much I'd be bigger trouble than gaining a kilo...or two!