Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snatch Practice Workout

Mark and I have to produce a "Learn to Snatch" video!  Getting things like this done haven't exactly been easy convenient or profitable so the motivation to do a bunch of work doesn't put things like this at the top of the priority list.  But mostly, I think, when it comes to teaching the snatch it can be easy to under teach and over teach.  So this is NOT a learn to snatch video that I'm posting, although I do demonstrate a common mistake in the last few sets of snatches. 

Often times students visualize only the top part of the snatch, which is the overhead lockout position and forget that they have to get the bell overhead in the first place with a "big 'ol" swing!  Trying to snatch the bell before you finish the swing results in a jerky and dangerous movement. It's better to swing a really light bell soooo high that it will actually turn over on itself!  Never try learning to snatch a bell that you cannot hold or press overhead in the first place.

This video is a short workout to practice swings and snatches together once you learn the snatch to a semi comfortable level.  This exact workout is really designed for one of my new Big Sur friends, Nadine.  With the help of my other two new friends, Meredith and Selena, we successfully planted the "snatch bug" and taught Nadine the skill last weekend!

Using my snatch progressions, as I teach and lead my newest snatch students with, I meant to video a short workout...but it kind of turned into a 20 min workout!  If you want a longer workout, either repeat the last snatch set of 5/5 five more times, OR repeat the entire workout or you least favorite part of it! (because that's the part you probably need the most! lol).



Susan said...

When will the snatch teaching video be available? I will be first in line to buy it!

NC said...

Thank you Tracy!!!!So cool!!
We did Give and Take II this am, I will do this next!

Alex Barnett said...

I have question its kind about this but not. I have been doing the 15:15 protocol for four weeks. This week is my back off week. Even though its half of what I did last week. Last night session felt like Saturdays 70 round session and I only did 30 rounds. Also I keep reading your hands get conditioned for snatches. I have been using stuff my hands and sanding them. But after 50 rounds it I seem to feel ever calis I have even though I use the your sock technique. Next week I should be to that magic number of 80 rounds with cadence of 7 reps. Should I retest or move on to the 36:36 protocol. Thanks any input would be great.

Tracy Reifkind said...


It may be sooner than later! Just a few days after you left your comment Mark and I got news that we should start working on the script for a Learn to Snatch dvd! Complete with workouts!

Fingers crossed early next year (and that's just a few months away!) Thank you for you interest and support!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's a very basic workout that helps you get your swings and snatches into the same workout! Who wants to do two workouts when you can do one? Well, besides me, of course! lol

Tracy Reifkind said...


Wow, where should I start? I'm assuming since this is your first go round you are using the 16kg?

No one, I'm convinced, has done this protocol and similarly based workouts than I have! Ive been doing a version of it since Mark introduced me to the training July 2007. Kenneth jay told Mark about the protocol during the 7/2007 Level 2 Cert and he was the first one to come home and put it to the test (the first ever besides Kenneths test subjects that is). I followed suite and you can find it on my first original blog. probably in that month of that year if you search the archives.

I then have lead unnumerable classes and students through the protocol so many times, in so many ways, and it can still be made into new and fresh workouts based on your new strengths and abilities....which brings us to the 36:36 version....

Wow! What can I say? I'm pretty sure I did this only one time, and I'm not sure I followed it through until the end. I'd have to go back to my blog/journal to read what it was that either was too hard, or too boring, or not productive enough, or not hard enough? Something was not good for me with that particular protocol, but maybe you will like it. I can say that I remember it being challenging!

I would suggest that you up your reps to 8 next time, amybe alternating 7's and 8's, or blocks of 10 sets of 7's, 10 sets of 8's, etc (that's 5 sets R and L, not 10 sets of each before increasing reps). So, every two sets, or every ten sets, OR in any progressively more difficult pattern you find challenging "enough"! Because there will be the next time through, and the next time and the next!

At some point you may increase the bell, although not to heavy since the point is to move the weight quickly.

As far as the hands go. What tears up the palm is the speed of the rotating handle because of a too firm grip. But also the reality is sooooo many reps! If you were to do only 10-20 sets your hands would survive almost anything! But hundreds and hundreds of super fast snatch reps, with a fairly firm grip can do a number on you. Also the width of the handle has a lot to do with it too.

Ironically my hands are in the best shape they have ever been since I started training KB Sport, but back in the days of tons and tons of snatch reps I chewed up my hands every other day, every day of the week, for years and years. I'm a fast healer and lucky that the blistered I suffered hardened up enough in my days off from snatches to be ready to suffer again next time!

The hand and palm damage question is a long one to answer! I hope what I've wrote helps a little.

Susan said...


So happy to hear that the Learn to Snatch DVD is on track for early next year!

I learned to swing with you and Mark (and Fawn) on Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing DVD. When an RKC (now SFG) finally moved to my town, I immediately went for private coaching, and she said my swing form was already perfect. :)