Friday, February 24, 2012

"Classic 100" Swing Ladder Workout

Here is another version of one of my workouts I consider a "Classic 100".  A "classic one hundred" is a workout whose total rep count is divisible by 100 reps. You can do part of it, all of it, double it, etc..  A "classic 100" uses my swing progressions usually in sets of 10, 20, 30 and 40 rep sets.

This workout uses my newest swing ladder progressions, so if you haven't practiced them it would be a good idea to do the workout I posted a couple of weeks ago.  I am posting each rotation for this workout in four videos so you can take the rest period you need between every rotation. (suggested rest periods are in parenthesis) This workout would also qualify for a "one bell" routine.

workout "classic 100"

10 tr (15/15)
20 tr (30/30)
30 tr (45/45)
40 tr (1 min/1 min)

1/2 sw ld
1-4 sw ld
1-5 sw ld
2-6 sw ld

5/5 x 1
10/10 x 1
5/5 + 10/10 x 1
10/10 x 2

10 2 hd sw
20 2 hd sw
30 2 hd sw
40 2 hd sw

400 swings, 20 min.
100 swings, 5 min per rotation done "equal work to rest"

I also taped a "power swing" workout with 3 variations and hope to post that by Monday.


Maribel said...

I looooove those power swings...can't wait for that one.

guy said...

Me Too! This workout is also great!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Really? Good-ness! Well, now you let the cat out of the bag, some hard work is coming your way!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Not too sure you are going to like it...but you asked for it!

Maribel said...

oh no! what have I done? I better get ready for a smack down

Tracy Reifkind said...


it's more like a "sit down" than a smack down, lol!

guy said...

I asked for it, and whatever does not destroy me only serves to make me stranger :)...Did the 100 sw ladder workout this AM at 6:00 with a 20kg and a 24kg. It's a great practice session, thanks!

Necia said...

Hi Tracy,

Im new to kettlebells, and its been a beautiful experience. Ive been viewing some of your videos, and I love how you work up to challenging yourself. Definitely something Im looking forward to. Thank You! Quick question, what are you rubbing on your hands in between sets? Lotion bar of some sort? I dont want my hands to get slippery, but I do know I need something. Help!

Anonymous said...

Did this one tonight, except for the second rotation. Loved it!! Flew by!