Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another "Plus 50%" workout, but this time I show you how to get there with "work into rest"!

Here is the workout I created last week.  I went through it a few times with clients, and in my own training, working out the details, but as you will see in the videos, even I "mess up"!  A left out set, a miscounted set, but at the end of the day it still adds up! Here is a 600 swing workout that will help you add 50% more to your workload!

I explain the workout in the first video, but what I want you to watch in the workout videos (if you do watch the videos!) is how I coach Anne on how to change the workout to suite her abilities and needs (Anne is getting ready for the RKC in less than 2 weeks and started training with me about 4 weeks ago....I'm happy to say she did in fact pass her snatch test last weekend!).

Anne was doing the same workout but only using the two hand swing, until she felt the need to relieve her grip and use the one hand swing.  She also uses, progressively heavier bells leading up to the 24kg in the last half of the workout.  She did a great job scaling workloads, in fact I think she mentioned it was the first time she had ever swung the 24kg!  Won't be the last though!


rotation #1 (both videos demonstrate both #1 and #2 rotations, but slightly different versions)

10 2 hd sw x 5 (2.5)
11, 12, 13, 14, 15 reps (2.5)

5 min, 115 swing per rotation

rotation #2

10 tr x 5 (2.5)

10 tr + 1 2 hd sw
11 2 hd sw
10 tr + 2 2 hd sw
12 2 hd sw
10 tr+ 3 2 hd sw
13 2 hd sw
10 tr + 4 2 hd sw
14 2 hd sw (I forgot this set...but don't you!)
10 tr + 5 2 hd sw
15 2 hd sw

7.5 min, 180 swings per rotation (there is another video demo on youtube FYI)

repeat rotation #1

10 2 hd sw x 5 (2.5)
11, 12, 13, 14, 15 reps (2.5)

repeat rotation #2

5/5 one hd sw x 5 (2.5)

11 2 hd sw,
5/5 + 1 2 hd sw
12 2 hd sw
5/5 + 2 2 hd sw
13 2 hd sw
5/5 + 3 2 hd sw
14 2 hd sw
5/5 + 4 2 hd sw
15 2 hd sw
5/5 + 5 2 hd sw

add at the end

10 2 hd sw x 1 set

total workout (including 1 minute rest periods between all rotations (4))
29.5 minutes, 600 swings


Anne said...

Inspired to push just a liiiitle harder each time. :) SO many variations to this workout... can't wait to play with it more!

guy said...

This one is badass! Thanks alot BossLady, my Tuesday workout all lined up.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Longer lighter sets this weekend, last heavy day on your own no later than next Monday. Today is Monday, technique practice on Get-up, squat, clean press takes priority, and I think you have one more Max based snatch workout.

You'll have to wait until after the Cert to wrestle that 24kg again!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You should be able to get a couple of workouts out of this one!

Hanneke said...

Did this routine early this morning with the 14 kg. It was tough, especially with my new and improved form. I am seriously feeling my abs now. I'm excited to get some body composition improvements, I know it's coming!!

Gayle said...

I tried this last night, using 16kg for the 2 hand swing sets and 14kg for the others. Another fun workout!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Cool! It's a great feeling when you are doing something new and you can feel changes coming...and they'll be quick too!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Glad you liked it...glad you did it!