Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday "50 rep" workout, Thursday repeat

This morning I repeated Tuesday's workout (the same but different) because I liked it so much...I know you will too!

This workout is based on sets of 50 reps, using your heaviest bell for the first 10 reps and then switching to a lighter bell for the remaining 40 reps (1 min). Progressively working up to 50 reps, from 10, at an equal work to rest ratio.

The first set of 50 reps signifies the first work set that equal work/rest does not apply. At this point the work set takes a 1 minute 15 sec interval, while the rest period reduces to 45 seconds.

Repeat this 50 rep set 10 times for a total of 500 swing reps. The workout ends with an additional 10 sets of 10 reps (equal work/rest) for the last 100 reps with your heaviest bell (s)

On Tuesday my "heavy bell" was two 14kg's (double swings), and my light bell was the 14kg, which I swung using one hand swing combinations. This morning I chose one 24kg using 2 hand swings for the first ten reps and switching to the 14kg, also for 2 hand swings.

warm up (see video)

10 2 hd sw w/14kg x 4

10 2 hd sw w/24kg, 10 2 hd sw w/14kg x 1

10 2 hd sw w/24kg, 20 tr w/14kg x 1

10 2 hd sw w/24kg, 5/5 x 3 w/14kg x 1

130 swings

worksets (the first set in the video I demonstrated using 10/10 one hand swings as an option to all 2 hd swings)

10 2 hd sw w/24kg, 10/10 x 2 w/14kg x 1 (1.25 min/45 sec)
10 2 hd sw w/25kg, 40 2 hd sw x 9 (1.25 min/45 sec)
(total 10 sets of 50 any way you want to do the remaining 40 is up to you)

500 swings

10 x 10 reps w/24kg (see video)

100 swings

31.5 min. 730 swings

Dang! I miscalculated! I thought it total that I know it's 730....argh!

Snatches 7 sets of 50 = 350 snatches (2 minutes work/1 min rest)

Since I snatched the 14kg on Monday and Tuesday it was time to take a break, so I used the 12kg but I had to make it hard (for me). As I mention in the video the first set I did I switched at about 12-13 every 30 seconds taking up the entire 2 wasn't "hard". So I decided the hardest option would be 25/25 (one hand switch) at a fast pace. I started each set every three minutes, so the sooner I finished the work the more rest I got!

Here's the video of my last set.

PS On Tuesday I only did 4 sets of 50 snatches w/14kg (the last set I actually snatches the whole 2 minutes and got 58 reps)


guy said...

Thanks again.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm waiting for the rest of the videos to post on Youtube so I'm adding them as they are available....

File this one away, it's a "keeper"!

Diana said...

I like the 25/25 snatch....that makes a "light" bell a hard workout again!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Especially when you slow it down....which I didn't! I had to whip out those bad boys asap!

Mark Reifkind said...

You are a training genius. You are who we ( RKC ) reverse engineer from. Amazing work my love.Unlimited training creativity.

Tracy Reifkind said...


since you are an expert I guess I have to believe you!

love you