Friday, December 9, 2011

Clearing Space to be Reborn

I am so backed up with workouts and video demos that I want to share but before I know it's time to train again.....and we're doing another workout, just a much fun as the last, and then we are on to yet another.... I still have "Sinister", "Fast Forward", and "The Wave" in the archives....oh and my extra special double "Kettlebell Split"...more Roundabouts....more crazy ass "one hand swing only" workouts....I try and journal all of my workouts so I can go back and be inspired to create new ones based on past routines, sometimes repeating a few of them rep for rep, but mostly once I step into the gym or into class the workout becomes new...either way it is reborn.

I've been steadily continuing to clean out my "stuff" and it's good to clear some space and feel some kind of order. After the initial clean sweep of my house I had to focus my attention on the garage. With the garage cleared of the crap and garbage it gives me room to store the things in my home I'm not quite ready to let go of permanently but want out of my living space....BUT, the garage is 90% done, and by the end of this weekend the garage gym "Stones Gym" will have a new coat of paint, the power rack back up and ready to become "pull-up" central! The garage Gym is going to be better than ever before and it will have it's own rebirth! (with a few video demos still to post you may not have seen the last of the orange walls though. lol) My workouts, my gym, and now me....again! I'm so lucky. I went through such a huge life transformation and I'm on yet another one, just as exciting, but different because this time I see it coming, I feel it coming, in fact it's here, now. Even though I don't know quite where it will take me, everyday feels new. I'm not worried in the least. As I clear the space around me of how my life used to be, I make room for more of what my life is supposed to be.....and I'm in charge!


Mark Reifkind said...

Awesome. Can't WAIT to get Stones back in business! Wait to go honey!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks my Sweet! It's going to be better than ever! Everything is going to be better than ever!