Monday, December 19, 2011

20kg Roundabout part 3 (of 4)

OK here it is....part 3!  Anyone that trains along with me for even only a few workouts can usually start to see the patterns of progression I use.  This workout is no different.

In part one I laddered up the 16kg Roundabouts to 3 swings and alternated them with 20kg rdbt.

In the second workout I laddered up the 16kg rdbt to 5 swings, alternated them with the 20kg and decreased the rest periods.

In this 3rd version I ladder up the 20kg rdbt swings to 3 reps!  finally huh?  I kept the 16kg at only a 1sw rdbt until midway. At that point I started with a 16kg 3 sw rdbt and laddered down, while going back to a 1 sw rdbt w/20kg.

Last week the 20kg felt light...not the case this week!  Swinging the 20kg up to 1 1/2 minutes is challenging in itself but as usual it was my grip, and my hand strength on my left side that was most bothersome.  (My left hand is pretty chewed up....)

In all three heavy Roundabout workouts I kept the rest period after the heaviest bell at 1 minute.

Guess where we are going next?  The good news is you'll get a little time off as part 4 will come in just short of two weeks!  Finishing this cycle up right at the first of the year.

20 kg Roundabout part 3

16kg 1 sw rdbt (1/30 sec)
20kg 1 sw rdbt (1/1)

16kg 1 sw rdbt (1/30)
20kg 2 sw rdbt (1.25/1)

16kg 1 sw rdbt (1/30)
20kg 3 sw rdbt (1.5/1)

16kg 3 sw rdbt (1.5/30)
20kg 1 sw rdbt (1/1)

16kg 2 sw rdbt (1.25/30)
20kg 1 sw rdbt (1/1)

16kg 1 sw rdbt (1/30)
20kg 1sw rdbt (1)

540 swings (21.5 min....really? that's it?  seemed longer, lol!)
270 w/16kg
270 w/20kg

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