Saturday, December 17, 2011

"One Bell" short version

This was the workout I lead in the first 30 minutes of my 7:15am class. It totals 600 swings. I repeated a longer version in my 9:00 class that totaled 800 swings in about the same amount of time. I will post the longer version at the end of the week. Try this one out for size first...both of the are, as ususal, fun!

I designed this progressive Swing workout based on using only one kettlebell, so I'm naming it "One Bell". If you own more than one bell you should chose the one you can comfortably swing for 1 minute, or 40 reps, with an equal work to rest ratio. The rest periods will be decreasing during the workout, but in a slow progression.

The workout starts out with 4 sets of 10 two hand swings as a warm up. From that point on each rotation starts out with 4 sets of 10 rep swing combinations and ends with one set of a 40 rep swing combination. I explain the workout in the video posted while I demonstrate most of the first rotation (I spare you the boredom of watching me swing 40 reps of two hand swings!)

The last half of this workout is the most challenging, suggesting only 15 sec rest periods between 40 reps sets. I've included in parathesis another option for more rest if you need it. I've also calculated the total workout time for both options.

Have fun!

warm up

10 2 hd sw x 4 sets = 2 min (40 reps 15/15)

1st rotation (equal work/rest) video demo
10 tr x 4 sets (40 reps, 15/15)
40 2 hd sw x 1 ( 40 resp, 1 min/1 min)

2nd rotation

1/2 sw ladder x 4 sets (40 reps total, 15/15)
40 tr x 1 set (40 reps, 1 min/45 sec. Rest period is decreasing)

3rd rotation

5/5 1 hd sw x 4 sets (40 reps total, 15/15)
1/2 sw ladder x 4 x 1 set (40 reps, 1 min/30 sec)

4th rotation

10 one hd sw x 4 sets (2 sets R, 2 sets L, 40 reps total 15/15)
5/5 1 hd sw x 4 x 1 set (1 min/15 sec)

5th rotation

10 2 hd sw x 4 sets (40 reps total, 15/15)
10/10 x 2 x 1 set (40 reps 1 min/15 sec) (1 min rest beg level)

5/5 x 4 x 1 set (40 reps total, 1 min/15 sec) (1 min rest beg level)

1/2 sw ladder x 4 x 1 set (40 reps total 1 min/15 sec) (1 min rest beg level)

40 tr ( 1 min/15 sec) (1 min rest, beg level)

40 2 hd sw (1 min.)

600 swings 24.5 minutes (27.5 beginner level)

Here is the link that demonstrates and explains my "1/2 swing ladder"


Maribel said...

we did 800!? dang.

This is also perfect for traveling where you can only take one bell.

By the way, the video still is a shot of a transfer and the bell is in the looks so cool

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yep, 800 swings! I try and always design a 600-700 workout for my first class, and then it's easy for me to visualize how I'm going to make it slightly more challenging for you guys! that usually means an extra 100 swings!

I also noticed the "mid-air" swing on the video still! I couldn't have planned it that way if I wanted to! cool!

Oh, and I like this "one bell" theme. I'm going to have to go over past posted workouts and start clumping them together for maybe a book on routines!

Gary McGhee, Jr. said...


I did this workout today and loved it. By the time the final 40 2 hand swings came around I was toasted. My family and I are leaving town for a week on Wed to visit family, and since I will only be taking 1 bell with me, I think this workout will be my standby. Blessings!

Gary McGhee, Jr. said...

Also, I like the idea of a book on routines that you mentioned. Appreciate your creativity and the freshness of your workouts.

guy said...

Another great one, Thanks much!

Hanneke said...

Another thanks for those great roundabout routines! It has really increased my strength with a heavier bell. Today I did the Hungarian swing workout with the 16kg. Loved it!!!!

Dean said...

i think i can figure everything out except the "1/2 ladder". could you explain what you mean?

Tracy Reifkind said...


The book of routines is long overdue...maybe Maribel will help me with it, lol!

As I mentioned on facebook, my "Classic 100" workouts are designed to use only one bell also. The "rotations" are based on 100 swing reps.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've got another 20kg roundabout vid "in the can", I'll post details later today or tomorrow.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Wow the Hungarian 100 with the 16kg! I remember doing that on myself with that same weight!

I'll be posting the next progressive 20kg Roundabout workout later today or tomorrow, and then I have one more before I give it a break.

Then...then? One hand 24kg! Yikes!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Here's the link to the blog post where I describe it and demonstrate it

From now on I'm just going to have to include the link any time I write about it. Obviously if you don't follow my training regularly, or if you are new to my style of training some of my "shorthand" is going to be foreign.

Check out the link above it will answer any question you may have about the 1/2 swing ladder. Have fun, and thanks for your comment!

Dean said...


Thanks for the link. That explains it. Although I have a link to your blog saved I don't have much time to do much "following". I decided to take a look last night and saw this workout. Seems to be perfect timing since I'm doing a December TGU/Swing challenge. Here it is on facebook if you don't know what I'm talking about -

I'm not a high volume swinger on a regular basis. This looks like a quick/fun way to change things up and knock out a number of swings in a short amount of time.

Again, thanks. Appreciate it.

Dean said...

WOW! That's no joke. Most I've ever done in one session before today was 400 and it took me about 45 minutes. I tried to stick to your times (for a beginner) and did pretty well until right at the end. gave myself a 2 minute rest or two and got all 600 done in 30 minutes. All the change ups really help.

Again, thanks!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Exactly! No joke! Nothing like interval training the's addicting!