Saturday, December 31, 2011

600...and 24 rep snatch workout. Good-ness! 2012 reps (give or take)

You know it's a challenge to keep track of exact rep count when you lead others through their workouts in addition to your own training.  I know for a fact I hit 2012 on the nose on Tuesday, and Thursday I went over because of taping a short video, but this morning I went way over...well not WAY over, just a few, or 500 hundred.... (I don't count any reps under a 12kg)

Started out my first class with 605 swings (12kg) and 200 snatches (12kg).

Here is the start of my 2nd (advanced) class.  It's a snatch workout that consists of 2 minutes long sets of 48 reps with 1 minute rest.  13 sets total, 39 minutes.  Videos show the first two sets and the last set to show the example.

23/1, 1/23
22/1, 2/22
21/3, 3/21
20/4, 4/20
19/5, 5/19
18/6, 6/18
17/7, /17
16/8, 8/16
15/9, 9/15
14/10. 10/14
13/11, 11/13
12/12. 12/12

Damn...I should have ended it with only 12/12!  I thought this workout equaled 600 reps, but it appears as if I went over by 24 reps!  Well, I can't be expected to keep track of every single damn rep!  Anyway...

I was actually nervous about this workout and had Mark tape my hands before I left for class in anticipation of some rough work ahead....I've been transformed!  OM freakin' G!  Was it the taped hands?  Or was this workout easy?  My hands never posed a problem and it seemed as if I cruised through the whole 624 reps.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

We finished off the 2nd class with 2 sets of 200 swing reps (I posted the swing combo a couple of days ago).  824 snatches and 1005 swings down....183 reps to go....we finished them in the first 10 minutes of the 3rd class!

PS  Blog post about how to tape your hands to come....seriously, I've seen the light!


Maribel said...

what the heck is my rush!?

This was awesome today. I'm still elated from it. What a wonderful way to end the year and welcome 2012.

Tracy Reifkind said...


yep it was an awesome day!

guy said...

you just keep coming up with killer practices! Thanks again Ma'am. Happy new year!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks guy. I love what I do!

Kim said...

I watched your 5 minute snatch tests and was curious as to why on your left hand you hold the bell differently as it goes down through your legs than on your right side? I actually tried some reps like that and like it better. Is this okay as far as the RKC standards?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I broke my left arm when I was 4 years old and it healed in a position that is known as "shotgun arm" (it's a nice name for "freakin' crooked"!)

I have more of a hinge downstroke position on my left side and more of a squatting motion on the downstroke of my right.

You might also notice my left snatch comes way closer to my body on the upstroke because of the unnatural bend in my arm I probably have a tighter bicep...Mark just told me that whenever a joint doesn't fully extend one side of the muscle is short and tight and the other side is loose.

At some point everyone develops their own style as it pertains to their body's proportions or like in my case former injury. As teachers and instructors we must be able to demonstrate proper form and technique...which I do when I teach. My vidoes are of my own training. Yes, I'm teaching my routine, but I'm not teaching skill.

When I test for my Certifications I do them according to test standards.

Hanneke said...

Because of a death in the family I went to Europe for a week.
Just checked up on your blog. My goodness do I have some work to do!!
I can't wait, I really really need some hard work and sweat!!!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Oh...only about 6 thousand reps! Now get to work!

Sorry to hear about your family's loss.