Saturday, December 10, 2011

20kg Roundabout part 2

My plan is to swing the 20kg for the next 2 weeks and then back off a bit before dropping the Roundabout and train straight one hand swings sets, 5 and 10 reps at a time. Ultimately my goal is to be able to snatch the 20kg and press it any day of the week. Currently I feel as if my grip is so over trained that it's not my strength that is the limiting factor, but my left hand grip. To prove how much I want to fix this I'm actually spending some time doing a little re-hab!

20kg & 16kg Roundabout part 2

The difference between today's workout and last Sat is that I start with 1 minute of 20kg Roundabouts and the rest period between the 20kg and the 16kg Roundabout sets was decreased to only 30 sec., instead of one minute. Also, the 16kg Roundabout Ladder continues to increase up to 7 one hand swings (2.5 minutes).

rdbt w/20kg (1.0/30)
rdbt w/16kg (1.0/1.0)

rdbt, w/20kg (1.0/30)
2 sw rdbt, w/16kg (1.25/1.0)

rdbt, w/20kg (1.0/30)
3 sw rdbt, w/16kg (1.5/1.0)

rdbt, w/20kg (1.0/30)
4 sw rdbt, w/16kg (1.75/1.0)

rdbt, w/20kg (1.0/30)
5 sw rdbt, w/16kg (2.0/1.0)

rdbt, w/20kg (1.0/30)
6 sw rdbt, w/16kg (2.25/1.0)

rdbt, w/20kg (1.0/30) (I ran out of time so I had to end here....but it's not over for you!)
7 sw rdbt, w/16kg (2.5/1.0)

5 rdbt, w/20kg (1.0)

Total 31.25 min. 320 20kg sw, 490 16kg sw (810 swings total)

Awesome! Nor matter what bell size you use. Over 800 swings in just about 30 minutes is an incredible pace!

PS Today the 20kg felt much lighter than last week!


guy said...

Yet another gem! Thanks a bunch BossLady!

Hanneke said...

Loved it! I did it with the 14 and 16 (don't have a 20 yet) but with the shorter rest it was still a great work out.

Tracy Reifkind said...


the variations are endless! I'll be posting two more Roundabout routines based on this don't let those bells get cold, lol!

Then one day soon, you'll be sending me one that you designed!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I really liked this one too! Unfortunately I did not get a chance to finish it completely as I ran short about 5 minutes.

Either way, the next one is already in my head and I can't wait to train it, and then post it!

And like I said, the 20kg is not the point. Training is about progress and progression, and Hardstyle is about force and acceleration. Once you complete these workouts with the 14 and 16, you can repeat them with different weights, heavier, or lighter!

Tracy Reifkind said...
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Hanneke said...

I think next time I do this one I will do 40 swings with double 10's and then the roundabout ladder with the 16. I find double swings with the 10's still a challenge it should be interesting. I guess I will start with the 1 minute rest....

Hanneke said...

ps. I think you'd find this little video interesting. Especially what he says about watching tv about 2/3 into the video.