Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tracyrif"s "3 x 3" Swing Workout

Here is, in it's entirety, my latest workout I've titled "3 x 3" Because every rotation includes 3 sets of 10 reps, and 3 sets of 40 reps. There are a total of 150 swing reps per rotation.

Depending on how much rest you take between sets and between rotations will determine the level of cardio endurance required. The first two rotations are what I would consider a Beginning level, the last two I would consider an Intermediate level. I posted the advanced a couple of days ago which I demonstrated the shortest rest periods (rotaion #4, all 15 sec) and with a heavier bell.

You could do all of this workout with two hand swings, but I don't consider a set of 40 2 hd swing reps a "beginning" level....40 continuous two hand swings is hard! Another way to change this workout for a beginner/inter is to do all 10 reps swing sets at the beginning of each rotation with 2 hds, heavier bell or not.

"3 x 3"

rotation #1

10 2 hd sw x 3 sets (15/15)
40 tr x 3 sets (1 min/1 min)

150 swings 7.5 min

rotation #2

10 tr x 3 sets (15/15) (or 10 2 hd sw)
1 / 2 swing ladder x 4 x 3 sets (1 min/45 sec)

150 swings 6 min. 45 sec.

rotation #3

1 /2 sw ld x 3 sets (15/15) (or 10 2 hd sw)
5/5 x 4 x 3 sets (1 min/30 sec)

150 swings 6 min.

rotation #4

5/5 x 3 sets (15/15 (or 10 2 hd sw)
40 2 hd sw x 3 sets (1 min/15 sec)

150 swings 5.25 min

600 swings, 25.5 min

These 4 videos demonstrate the complet 25.5 minute workout, so essentially it's a free class! Enjoy!


Maribel said...

I love this 3x3. quick and intense! Plus I love getting all those swings in such a short time.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Pretty easy to remember too!

Maribel said...

It is! I modified it on Thursday because I just didn't have the "umf" late in the afternoon to do a 40 rep set x 3. What I did was

10 2hd swings x 4 - 15/15
20 2hd swings x 3 - 30/15

Still 100 in the rotation but a breaking out one more set to make it manageable.

Anonymous said...

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