Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pre Meditated Swing Routine

For once I know, basically, what swing routine I'm using in my three Saturday classes this morning. It's based on my progressive rest ladder using 5 sets of 1 minute long, 40 rep swing combinations.

40 2 hd swings
40 transfers
1 swing/1 tr x 20 (40 reps)

In my first class I never start out with 40 rep sets so I'll break the warm up period into smaller swing rep sets but using these same combinations. Since it's an Intermediate level we will increase the difficulty, progressively, by decreasing the rest heavier bells.

My second class is my own advanced level workout. After we snatch (probably heavy today) we will do the same workout with a heavier bell (w/16kg) and short to NO rest periods!

My third class will start out with 40 rep swing sets. I'll return to my "swing weight bell", the 12kg but the routine will progress faster into short rest periods and end with one 200 rep swing set (no rest).

Before the weekend is over I'll post video and interval instruction for all three. I don't have a name for it yet but I'm thinking I'll call it "Progressive 40". I did the advanced version on my own Thursday morning and it was tough...not sure I could do it again with the 16kg...of course I can!


Maribel said...

This is killer...literally. The snatch routine we did today was a killer too!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Maribel....if you haven't noticed it didn't go exactly as planned! We were supposed to end with one set of 200 reps instead of one set of 100....I should have just went for it but I was beat! I had done 500 16g swings with Meg just before your class started.

600 12kg in the first class, 500 16kg second class, and what did we do? 800?

I thought the snatches were fun...just challenging enough. I calculated the reps at 294, give or take a couple.

Maribel said...

I always know you've gone hard for your workout when I see Meg's legs red!

That many snatches...dang! No wonder I'm already sore. I did them with a 12k. I had to scale back to 10k a few weeks ago because I wasn't feeling strong enough to do that much with a 12...looks like I'm gaining my strength back. Yeah!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I saw you were usiing the 12kg the whole time...pacing really helps to get those high rep numbers without trashing the hands.

Basically we did the rep equivilent of 42 sets of Max which would have taken 21 min. This workout around 28 min. 6 minutes longer, heavier bell, no torn up hands....worth it! Oh, and much more entertaining!