Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One more thing......

In my last blogpost about appreciating where you are, I was thinking about when I was fat and how much I didn't appreciate being fat! I used the example of looking at old pictures of ourselves and seeing how we thought we were fat at the time, when in actuality we were not....well, it goes the other way too! When I look at my fat pictures I think, "Good Lord! How freakin' lucky was I that I got to eat anything and everythig I wanted!" I mean really, it's true!

Can you imagine? Eating anything and everything you want? Maybe you do that now! If you do, and you're fat, then enjoy the eating part! When you decide it's not that enjoyable anymore, or that something else may be more enjoyable....say, a smaller, healthier body, then change it.

I pretty much eat everything I want to now, the difference is that now I want, and chose different foods. Sure, sometimes I want a pint of ice cream, a bag of cookies, a pound of chocolates (all at the same time, lol!), and the way I eat most of the time and my commitment to exercie allows that.

So, although I never bitched about being fat, I never said things like "I wish I wasn't fat", because I knew it was my own doing, and I knew how to change it if I wanted to, in fact I always said things like, "I know exactly why I'm fat!", and "I know how to diet, I just don't want to!", I accepted it, but I didn't appreciate it. And I'm not saying appreciate being fat, I'm saying appreciate the good parts of whatever your situation is.

That's all.

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