Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been kinda busy.......

This last weekend was the San Jose RKC, and although I spent much less time "crashing" it than normal I made it on Sunday in time to see the first ever (I believe) indoor "grad workout". The weather the week before the Cert was unusually wet and stormy, but Friday and most of Sat. was dry and clear (cold, but dry and clear), until Sunday!

I never miss an opportunity to watch and listen to my brilliant husband teach and lecture, as well as gather motivation, inspiration, and energy from all of the potential RKC's training their asses off for three days, but this year I had to put my priorities in order! As well as getting ready to have a houseguest stay with us, from Tampa FL, for 4 days, while she was assisting at the Cert, Mark and I went to the Meet and Greet Thursday night, I hosted a cooking lesson Friday night, managed to make it to double yoga classes on Th, F, and Sun, in addition to only one yoga class on Sat. and teaching and swinging KB's Sat afternoon for 2 hours! Good Lord, I didn't get one afternoon nap for 4 days!

By the time Sunday night came around I couldn't open a bottle of wine fast enough! Mark and I celebrated a great and busy weekend while I made a pot of chili in the PC. And just when I thought I could gt back to my regular routine......I got sick as a dog Monday! I actually stayed in bed until 10:30am (I got up breifly to take my houseguest to the airport @ 5am), and I couldn't train at all....nothing, no KB's, no yoga, no walk.....nothing! I can't remember the last time I took a day off.....but that was yesterday. Now it's time to swing some bells for 20-30 minutes, get to 7:15am yoga, and then back again this afternoon for the 4:30 class.

Good Lord I love my life.


Beth said...

Great weekend, Tracy! I still have a PC on my wish list and will get one after we relocate to TN. I don't want to be acquiring more stuff to pack and move back there right now.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm just now barely recovered from the weekend! I still have to reflect on the "lesson" or "theme" of what I got from the RKC energy!

Good luck with the move.