Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weirdness and Goodness

OK, here's how weird I am. After 9:15 yoga class, on my way home to do my KB workout with Mark, I decided to get my freakin' Snicker's. OK, I was hoping, of course, to find some 1/2 price candy, so I stopped at a Walgreen's.....nope, 1/2 price candy all gone.....I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price for candy I knew was on sale all over the county for 1/2. Of course, Halloween was almost a week ago and the 1/2 price candy that sells first is the good stuff anyway.

So I left Walgreen's to walk next door to the Nob Hill, again hoping to find 1/2 price candy, nope, all gone. So, there I was, should I drive to another store? I mean there's a drug store and grocery store on practically every corner....but that wouldn't be cost effective to drive all over town to save $2 bucks, LOL!

That's how weird I am.

So I just bought a stinkin' full price candy bar....not a whole pkg of fun sizes....and ate it. I was very sad when it was gone wishing I had more, but I didn't. I wasn't tripping out about it, in fact I told myself that if I wanted more I could have more....after my workout. Guess what? After my workout I didn't want more.

That's the good part.

By having what I wanted, in a resonable amount, removing myself from more, and then giving myself the option of more later, I didn't feel the need. Not to say it will be that way every time, but Snicker's craving gone....and that's what counts.

"What you resist, persists"

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