Thursday, November 20, 2008

"I Eat Pretty Healthy", and other delusions....

I wanted to address teresa's last comment via a short blog's part of her comment to my last post....

"Aren't we all just the products of the decisions we've made? I mean, unless someone's truly ignorant, don't most people have a basic understanding of healthy & unhealthy behavior"

Teresa.....I think most people really think they live pretty healthy! Seriously. Most people would tell you that what they eat is "pretty healthy", as if eating a chicken sandwich from anywhere because it's made from "breast meat" is a healthy choice, and somehow that cancels outs the other crap they eat. Most people equate healthy food with chicken breast! FYI, the chicken in chicken nuggets and any chicken sandwich is highly processed no better than a hot dog. "Deli" lunchmeat is the same highly processed highy salted crap. An although the roasted chickens you can buy at Costco and most grocery stores are not "processed meat" they are highly brined in salt and some sugars in most wonder they taste so good, lol!

Also, people think that because they are always "on the go" that somehow that counts as exercise! When I was fat I moved non-stop! In fact I used to say to Mark, "You would think I could lose a little weight with as much as I do around here!" Constantly on the go my feet would ache, because of all the extra weight I was carrying around. But it doesn't compute to actual exercise....sorry!

Lots of stuff I still need to reply to, but for now, off to yoga.......(BTW, Max Vo2 with Mark yesterday morning @5am was killer! More about that....)


Teresa said...

I guess I was referring more to myself. Yes, I've read a ton about nutrition yet I'll reach into the office candy jar when the hunger pangs hit in the afternoon. I knew that weight training was the way to go, but it took me literally years, yes YEARS of carrying around a brochure for a personal trainer in my purse before I finally called to make an appointment. Who knows what the trigger is to a healthier life, or what the impediment might be against it. I just know something has to click in a person's mind before any of that knowledge and understanding finally takes hold and you finally take action.

Better late than never, I guess.

Kori Bliffert, RKC II, NASM-CPT said...

I completely agree with you about the "I eat healthy" comment most people make. I was once told by a woman that she doesn't understand how people can eat junk, while she was eating an "Oreo" topped yogurt thing. And when I asked her about that, she responded by saying that it is yogurt...there for healthy!?!?!?

Tracy Reifkind said...


"it's likely they haven't made the choice to truly live that lifestyle. I have loved ones who know better yet choose to live otherwise. It's frustrating but I gave up trying to convert them."

Wow! you should completely understand then! You can't get frustrated with anyone else when you, yourself, admit that this was you! LOL!

Everyone is ready when they're ready....I get frustrated with the ones that cry and whine about wanting to do something, saying they're ready, but they really aren't....and that's OK....just don't waste MY time!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I always know when someone doesn't have a clue about eating healthy....they ALWAYS claim to eat "chicken breast and broccoli" when asked for an example of their diet.

It's also a clue to the fact they don't know how to cook! The world is so much bigger than "chicken breat and broccoli"!