Friday, November 21, 2008

Swing Combination of the Day....Loss of Motivation and Intuitive Eating

Talk about losing motivation..... One thing I know is, I am not motivated when I my diet is right on, and the next day it's not reflected on the scale. I admit, I can be a slave to the stinkin' number on the scale, and when it's not a number I like, for instance this morning's weight, then I get discouraged and I want to give up....almost.

I don't count my calories anymore, instead I'm relying on, what I call, "intuitive eating". I know when I'm eating too much and intuitive eating is about taking responsibility for the amount of food I eat, it doesn't matter what I eat, just how much. Lucky for me I've established the habits of always having good healthy, homemade choices for meals, so most of the time I'd rather eat good foods, than junk....not that I don't have junk every once in a while, but for the most part I think I eat beyond healthy.

Here's what I ate yesterday (this is the first time I'm counting BTW)

coffee/cream 100 cal
small roasted yam 100 cal.
small beet applesauce 50 cal.
small hot 10 grain cereal w/apple 80 cal.
small squash soup w/barley & 2oz shredded pork 250 cal.
smaller portion of the above soup 150 cal.
oatmeal w/1/2c whole milk 230 cal.
large sweet and sour cabbage soup w/pork (5-6oz) 400 cal.

total 1460

Good much I I hate to face the truth, I just don't lose weight on more than 1200 calories a day, bummer. I could've had a smaller portion of my dinner soup, but look at the types of food I candy, no cookies, low fat, good amount of protein, plenty of whole grains and veggies.....OH, and this was in addition to two 90 minute Bikram yoga classes, that I sweat my ass off in (well, I guess I didn't sweat my ass off, lol). Some days I'm just not willing to starve myself.

So what do I do? After swinging with my 6:30am KB client I get to yoga class practice totally "crashed and burned" big time.....I was due, because I've been doing double classes all week....the teacher sucked....the room wasn't hot enough, I barely broke a sweat and I didn't even need all the water I brought with me....and then.....this stinkin' studio has a big bowl of almonds AND a big bowl of York's peppermint, of course.....and with my loss of motivation, a stupid class, I lost it.

I never, well rarely, take that stupid candy, but today, four peppermint candies later, I'm kicking myself. I'm not kicking myself because I ate 4 stupid pieces of candy, I'm kicking myself for eating compulsively....I don't even like peppermint patties!

So I get back home, swing with my 9:30am KB client and afterwards seriously consider putting my own KB workout off until tomorrow. But no.....skipping workouts and whining about 4 pieces of candy is for weenies....

Here's the workout I did, inspired by the one I did with my client:

4 1/2 minute swing combination w/12kg

10 transfers, 10 2 hand swing repeat (40 reps)
15 transfers, 15 2 hand swings, repeat (60 reps)
20 transfers, 20 2 hand swings (80 reps)

1 minute rest x 6 rotations

Total 32 minutes, 1080 swings

If you can't swing the 12kg for 4 1/2 minutes use the 8kg, or appropriate weight. If you can't swing for 4 1/2 minutes at all, then break down the combination into 3 parts taking rest inbetween each set of increased reps. A beginner can break it down even more by taking a rest period inbetween the repeat of each set....example...

10 transfers, 10 2 hand, rest, repeat, rest,
15 transfers, 15 2 hand, rest, repeat, rest,
20 transfers, 20 2 hand, rest, repeat, rest

As Pavel might say....Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy-This is not really related to your post, but I want to say thank you! I bought and have been using a pressure cooker. I love it!!! Your meals always inspire me to try something new. Your sweet and sour cabbage soup w/pork sounds yummy...any chance you would like to share the recipe. Thanks :-)

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's coming, it's coming! I just haven't had time to take pics and I want to make it with flank steak too! I love adding this flavor element of "sweet and sour" to my soup repetoire.

It's super easy, and if you cook regularly, it uses ingredients you probably already have!

What's your favorite thing to use the PC for?

Pat said...

Some days I hate the scale too.

Now that is an amazing amount of swings. I think I'll try it I am stuck right now and ready for movement. I hope you get your mojo back Tracy. You always look great to me.

Oh I almost forgot my pressure cooker meals have started to come out great. I made a turky and black bean soup. That came out wonderful and my picky daughter even ate it and wanted more.

Juat more proof you are not wasting your breathe.


Anonymous said...

The first recipe I tried is still my's your awesome Shredded Chipotle Chicken w/rice and beans! My hubby's favorite is a very simple beef stew. Thanks again for such a great blog :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm beginning to think that I hate the scale everyday!

As far as getting my mojo back....1000+ swings will automatically do that for you, LOL!

Just keep using the PC regulary and very quickly you'll be turning your friends on to it! Also, get your daughter involved and try new recipes with her and you'll be setting her up for good homecooked meal habits for her and her family's future....I wished I had grown up knowing about these things.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just discovered this swing challenge because you told us to troll the archives. I hit gold! I could only get through 3 rotations before my grip went, but I'll keep working until I get up to the full 6 rotations. I'm just discovering the beauty of the 1-arm/1-transfer rhythm. Love it love it love it.