Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Choosing Time

Mark and I wake up around 3:30am every morning, and while we sit down and have coffee together and talk, we share some of the most amazing insights of our experiences about our training. I want to expand more about this, but I have to get off to the studio in Palo Alto this morning to train Max Vo2 @ 5:20am with Mark this morning (how lucky am I?).

The quick point I want to make before I leave however is he said something the other morning when we were talking about the excuse people make about not having "time" to do the things they know they should do, and the frustration I was having about "wasting my breath"....he said, that's like saying......

"I have cancer, but I don't have time for chemo"

This epidemic of obesity and all it brings.....we have the answers!!!!!! Choose to make your time.

I don't have time to blog.....I chose my training......see ya later (truly, I do want to respond to comments....)


Teresa said...

Aren't we all just the products of the decisions we've made? I mean, unless someone's truly ignorant, don't most people have a basic understanding of healthy & unhealthy behavior? So to the extent someone is not healthy, it's likely they haven't made the choice to truly live that lifestyle. I have loved ones who know better yet choose to live otherwise. It's frustrating but I gave up trying to convert them. All I can do is take responsibility for my own existence and live the best life I can...because that's the choice I've made for me.

Anyway, have you found that the gaskets on your pressure cookers absorb cooking odors? I tend to make the same things over & over in my PC (mostly beef braises like stews & pot roasts) - so maybe that's why it smells. Have you ever had a problem with the food odors impacting something you've cooked in your PC?

Anonymous said...

I like that you make it so simple. You lay it on the line like, "Hey, it's your choice. Make it."

I'm working on being more conscious of my choices, and really considering the options and probable outcomes. I rush through life way too often and then wonder what happened.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have not had any odor problems at all with my PC gaskets.

When I first dug out my PC, about 10 years after original purchase, lol, the gasket was not flexible, in fact it was hard and stiff. I was too cheap to buy another and used it for months with little problem, but when I finally broke down and bought a new one.....good Lord, big difference!