Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss "I Don't Know it All"!

So, Mark and I are at the Campbell Farmers Market, Sunday morning after yoga, and I see, what I think are some sort of varigated string beans, and I decide to get some. As I'm picking through these "kind of dry, hard string beans", the woman next to me says "You like black-eyed peas too?" Wow, I guess these are fresh blackeyed peas...not string beans! I didn't let on that I didn't know, lol, and I simply said, "I like everything!"

I've never had fresh black-eyed peas! I came home and shelled them, I can't wait to try them later today!

Kitchen Journal

Friday I picked up 20lbs of roma tomatoes from Wayne and Carolyn, as well as quince, Indian blood peaches, and squash. I roasted 4 trays of romas, I'll make some roasted tomato pesto with 2 , I ate 1 tray (on Sunday) and the other I froze to use with spagetti squash.

I finally put the quinoa salad together with fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, radishes and queso fresca cheese, dressed with cilantro almond pesto (cilantro, I only had 10 almonds, garlic and 3 tbls olive oil)


lamb and white bean chili in PC.
yellow squash soup w/jalapeno, 6 cups, and grilled the zucchini (some of which I'll use in a salad)
barley in PC w/organic chicken stock
grilled hamburger patties (4)


washed and prepped farmers market veggies.
made 3 qts organic, pasture fed chicken, chicken stock in PC.
roasted 4 ears of corn

Food journal

Since I had my clean, and not so clean cheat day on Friday, Saturday was a low calorie day, in addition to a hard training day.


6:30am KB w/client
7:15 45 min. walk w/client
10am Bikram yoga
12:30 200 rep KB workout

coffee w/cream 100 cal
1/2 apple, 2 small peaches 150 ca.
small bowl lamb bean chili 350 cal.
grilled squash 100 cal.
roasted tomatoes 100 ca.

Total 800 cal. (all clean)


8:ooam Bikram yoga

I was hungry from the amount of training I did the day before so I tried not to stress about the amount of food I was hungry for, instead my focus was on eating clean foods. Even though I wanted one, I didn't have a chocolate sucker because it's sweetened with HFCS!

coffee w/ cream 100 ca.

almonds 100 cal
Fresno raisin grapes 3/4lb. 180 cal.
Monterey Bay cod (seared) 300 cal.
sm. squash, jalapeno soup w/roasted corn 130 cal.
roasted tomatoes 250 (the calories are in the oil)
nonfat plain yogurt w/1tbl honey raisins, 3/4 barley 410 cal
quinoa salad w/fresh young tender spinach and lamb 400 cal.
orange juice 1/3 c. + water and fiber 40 cal.

Total calories 1910

The almonds, grapes, cod, and spinach came from the farmers market earlier in the day. Eerything else was homemade with good quality organic ingredients, with the acception of the jalapenos, which I bought at the "un-organic" Mexican market.

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fawn said...

I LOVE newly harvested beans! Be careful... I have developed a snobbery toward fresh harvested foods and it is hard for me to eat stored foods like potatoes, garlic and onion because the fresh version is so delicious! Enjoy!