Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey, Is That Soup in My Trash?

Although I did make more stem and leaf soup, with kale, today, using leftover red chard stems, broccoli stems, kale stems and leaves (and a couple of jalapenos), because I had to clean out the fridge before picking up CSA this afternoon, I did manage to throw away all stems from the veggies in my box! 2 bunches of lacinato kale stems, purple cauliflower stems, yellow beet stems (I left the beets in the trade box too! OK, I confess I took the head of romaine someone left and the extra bunch of kale...oops) No more stem and leaf soup fo a while, lol!

Kitchen Journal


blanched chinese long beans
roasted tomatoes
poached chicken thighs, and made light stock from thigh bones in pressure cooker


steel cut oats
quinoa w/chicken stock for Marks salad
lemon and scallion dressing for salad (I decided to make some fresh, instead of using last weeks
assembled quinoa salad
yellow chard, bacon. mushroom, green onion quiche
chipolte, tomato salad dressing

I decided to make some fresh lemon and scallion dressing, instead of using last weeks. When you make a salad dressing that has a fresh ingredient like garlic, in this case scallions, count the dressing as fresh as each of it's ingredients. Would you eat garlic a week old? Ick.


pressure cooked barley w/stock
stem and leaf soup w/kale
pre-chopped salad ingredients
washed and prepped CSA veggies

I wanted to make a pasta dish with the red chard stems, but then I'd have to eat it, and I already have too much food. I'm working on eating some of the soups in my freezer. taking out beef and barley for Mark, cauliflower/chipotle and pattypan/leek for me. Today's stem and leaf will be for the next two days, I'll add poached chicken and barley to it.

CSA huge carrots, lacinato kale (2 bunches), strawberries, yellow beets (I kept the greens and left the roots), purple cauliflower, red, yellow and orange bell pepers, romaine lettuce, tomatoes


Peggy said...

Tracy, I just realized that you're back on this Food for thought blog. I have been reading both regularly and have continued to be inspired and motivated. I missed your cooking ideas so I was pleasantly surprised to see all that I missed for the last month. I want to eat more soups this winter and now I feel I can with lots of variety. Thanks for all your "thoughts". Peggy

Tracy Reifkind said...


You will be seeing and reading lots more about soups! I don't know if that's a good thing, for readers, or not.

Like vegetable salads have changed my nutrition and health, soup may have changed it even more!

In fact I'm defrosting some chicken stock right now and I'll be making some fresh toamto soup for the first time this morning. I'll be sure and let you know how it comes out!