Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Moral of the 10 x 10 Story

This week's Thursday 10 x 10 is as straight forward as they get.  Not a lot of talking, and in fact I think I only count 2 of the 10 sets of swings.  Equal work to rest, 15 second work interval and a 15 second rest interval, 100 swing reps = 5 minutes.  It's easiest to video tape a short workout on Thursdays because I'm alone in my home garage gym (or with partners/students), and I can do what I want to as far as setting up the Ipad.  The only drawback for me is that I video each 10 x 10 after my own workout and I'm tired!

This morning especially because I'm training a heavy snatch cycle and plan to test the 20kg 5 min snatch (again), in preparation to try the 24kg.  It's very rare I ever do any "retakes" so if I say something that doesn't quite come out right it's just too bad for me, cause I ain't doing it over!  It was my intention to simply video tape 10 sets of 10 swings....but wouldn't you know, I just couldn't resist a little story!

If you have already watched the short clip at the beginning of this post you already know what the story is about.  It's about taking action, and "doing", moving your body, following through and participating in your health and fitness, and that is the entire reason I started my 10 x 10 videos back in November of last year, here is the link to the very first three 10 x 10 workouts;  But today's story goes like this....

Back when I was taking an interest in learning how to cook I applied for a part time job in a gourmet cooking store/school called HomeChef.  It was at HomeChef that I became obsessed with learning as much as I could by attending, and many times assisting (cleaning up!), as many classes as I could fit into my, and my family's, schedule.  Working in retail meant 5-6 hour shifts standing and walking on concrete floor, when my then overweight condition would cause my feet to throb for hours after coming home with pain I had never experienced before.  But that's not the moral of the story!

One night while attending my hundredth, or thousandth, cooking class I realized that if I just stayed home and actually spent those 2-3 hours practicing my knife skills, cooking methods and techniques, what I had only been watching someone else do for months, that I might start to get good at it!  And that was the last time ever that I went to a HomeChef cooking class.  It was the best thing I ever did.  From that point on I looked at my own home cooking practice in those 2-3 hour increments and it would be me, and my family, that would benefit the greatest.

Ironically enough just barely an hour after I made this 10 x 10 video tape I came to realize another interest I've had lately that I've been "researching".  Spending time watching programs, reading books, and listening to others expertise and experience on the matter....whoa!  The moral of this story was for me to hear!

I've got my health and fitness taken care of.  I've got my cooking skills taken care of, and both have brought me to this new direction in my life that I now have to put into action myself (which is one reason why you all are reading a new blog post!).  More to come, much more, but in the mean time? Do your darn 10 x 10's!

FYI I've posted almost 60, yes SIX-ZERO, 10 x 10 workouts at this point, in about 6 months.  If you've been taking action since the start that means approximately 6,000 swing reps!  But it's never too late!  Please consider swinging along with me, even if it's only one time a week.  Don't be a bystander only wishing good things for your life and your health, instead participate and move in the direction of creating all the goodness that you want and deserve!


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