Friday, November 29, 2013

Tracy Reifkind's First 10 x 10's, it's never too late to come to my party!

I always call my group training classes "my party" because I have so much fun it would be a shame to not invite anybody else to my workouts, and that's how I started teaching.  I like leading classes/groups because it feeds me energy.  In fact I often wonder if I was not responsible for showing up to teach would I have eventually let myself fall victim to skipped workouts, teetering on the edge of eventually not showing up myself and quitting?

Since January 2008 have never ever cancelled a scheduled class.  No holidays off if class fell on a training day, no sick days, no too hung over days (food or alcohol hangovers!).  No cancelled classes because I was just plain old depressed about something going on in my life.  In fact I barely have the phone numbers and email addresses of my regular students.  I couldn't cancel if I wanted to....but rarely do I ever want to.  I didn't say never, but every time I entertain the thought of canceling I know it's for my own good to follow through on my word to my students/clients and to myself.  Anyway, enough about me, this post is about you!

For reasons I have yet to get into, a couple of weeks ago I started posting simple, quick 5 minute swing workouts I've been calling my "10 x 10"'s  My first post on Face Book was November 21th.  I've been posting one every other day (the prescription for swing training), and the 4th was a modified, scaled version in case 10 reps every 30 seconds is something you, or someone you love, may still be working towards, and which anybody can repeat until their ability and confidence increases to my traditional 10 x 10. This blog post includes all five, the latest, #5 I'm posting for the first time today (technically tomorrow's workout)

I have so much more to write about these workouts, but for now I thought I should group the first 5 of them together, here on my blog, all in one place and easy to access.  If you follow along, and listen to "10 x 10 #1" it sets the tone for my motivation.  If you are not on Face Book and you have missed these, no worries.  If you have been on Face Book and you have been shy, unmotivated or just plain lazy please join in NOW!  I will be posting 10 x 10 workouts and "messages" until the end of the year, every other day.  I've figured out that my 10th 10 x 10 will post on December 10th, and I'll repeat the same 10 (or new ones) every other day until December 30! (don't worry, you get Xmas off!)  If you are late to my party it's OK!  Just show up.  Show up and maybe, just maybe, your body will follow.

If, I mean when, you complete all of these 10 x 10's you will have done 500 swing reps.  Not bad for less than one half hour of your life over the course of 10 days.  On December 10th you will complete 1000 swing reps if you have been following along.  If you decide to join me, join us (because you are not alone) at any time you still can complete 1000 swing reps, or more before the end of the year.  What could possibly be stopping you?

Enjoy. Enjoy the workouts, enjoy feeling good about yourself, enjoy moving in the direction of improving your strength and health, or helping someone you love do the same thing.  We are not alone.  We are powerful beings capable of changing our lives in the most positive of ways.  Change may start with the first swing, but if you, if we, do nothing to move towards health and vitality then we move away from it.  I'll do my 10 x 10 with or without you, it's my party but I would love it if you join me, please come (no rsvp required!).

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