Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Workout

Happy Mother's Day!  I thought I would share with you a quick 6 minute workout I've been using for the first warm up swings for all of my classes.  I've had more beginners come into my group training so I've been using what I consider "beginners" swing progressions before getting into more complicated swing combinations.  Here is the workout in short hand:

10 2 hd sw x 2 sets (15/15)
5 R/ 5 L one hd sw x 2 sets (15/15)
5 R/ 5 L + 10 2 hd swing x 1 set (30/30)
10 R x 1 set (15/15)
10 L x 1 set (15/15)
10 R/10 L x 1 set (30/30)
ready for the 1 minute long set?  40 reps?
10 R/10 L + 5 R/ 5 L + 10 2 hd swings (1 min/1 min)

120 swing reps, 6 minutes.

Two hand swings are the first skill beginners learn, then onto one hand swings, 5 at a time before moving on to 10 one hand swings.  Those of you that have been following along with my 10 x 10's know that often times I teach a 5/5 combination that starts with two hands, transferring to one hand, but in this workout we go straight to R to L, starting with one hand and ending with one hand.

This workout also progressively increases rep count from 10 all the way to 40!  It's pretty quick, but I find that most beginners that come into my groups are pulled along and forward and are able to increase their workloads much faster surrounded by the groups energy.

In fact this warm up/workout inspired the routine I lead my Saturday class through, a workout that you will see in my next dvd "Top 40 #2".  It was a killer, in a good way, of course, but very easy to follow along and very scalable! Which is why I thought it perfect for the next dvd project.

("Top 40" has three great workouts that familiarize you with my most often used swing combinations and help you work up to those 1 minute sets of 40 swing reps.  Here's the link to where you can find it!  )

I hope you all had a great day yesterday! Mark and I spent the afternoon with our son Gabe, our new daughter in law, Lily, and her parents! Just one big happy family!


Diana said...

Looks like a great workout...will have to give that one a try.
I know that your thing is "The Swing", but I'm kind of hoping you throw a sweeeeeeet snatch workout on here sometime! ;)

Spent my Mother's day at work helping other Mom's feel better! Then came home to a hug from Jared and the cats! Life is good!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Done deal! I'll post a snatch workout later this week! I've been training for another 20kg 5 minute test so I've been doing a lot of heavy volume, not so much snatch "routines".

I wish I could post all of my workouts...someday. They are really good!

Diana said...

All your workouts....that's another book I'd buy for sure!
Look forward to the snatch post!