Monday, May 19, 2014

Decisions, decisions.

I have to buy a new refrigerator this morning.  Yes, today, it can't wait any longer.  The Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator we bought when we moved into our home 14 years ago was always a problem, but when the freezer catches fire I think that's a sign that the end is already here!

Mark and I own a older house, built in 1940, with it's original cabinetry it only allows for a smaller size appliances, and no plumbing for an ice maker!  I used to think this was a drawback, after all I wanted the biggest and the best, like most, to accommodate enough food for the dinner parties I never have, or the Holiday celebrations once or twice a year!  I just might need space for a full sheet cake, and then what?

Now I'm thinking in the opposite direction.  I'm thinking what would be the smallest size that I could become comfortable with owning without looking ridiculous for the space.  After my first few trips to other countries where super sized kitchen appliances are rare, and seeing a different kind of lifestyle because of it, I'm starting to wonder just how much I need a larger fridge.  In other countries, because of the limited spaces, people go to the market more frequently buying smaller quantities, therefore fresher foods.  But I mean, I'm not going to get all crazy or anything!

The other decision I need to make is stainless steel, or white?  I got caught up in the popularity of stainless steel without taking into consideration a couple of things that I didn't notice until after our new appliances were delivered.  The space where the refrigerator sits leaves one side of it exposed, which is great for magnets, but not so great to look at because the sides of stainless steel fridges are black, and our cabinets, floor and walls are white.  The other thing is, and those of you with stainless know this, it's a bitch to keep looking clean!  One more thing...the difference in price is only $100 between stainless and white, it seems as if it should be more, doesn't it?  But for $100 should I stay "on trend" so I can brag about having stainless steel appliances, or should I just go back to old school white?  I think I already know the answer, but thank you for listening!

What do you own?  Do you like it?  Or have you ever made a mistake purchasing an appliance that you can warn me or anybody else about? 


Hanneke Schiffleger said...

Empty space always fills up no matter where it is. So I'm with you on smaller
I like a sub zero, they are pricey but very good in my experience.

Hanneke Schiffleger said...

Oh and I also don't like a very deep fridge. I am renting now and that's what I have, things get forgotten behind a lot of other stuff. And I like the fridge on top and the freezer on the bottom. Just more user friendly.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Good advice, I never considered the potential drawback of too much depth, although my space will only accommodate up to a certain measurement.

I'm going smaller, but I'm not sure I can get freezer on the bottom without having to order it and wait a few days.

I know a few days doesn't seem like much, but I'm not kidding about the freezer catching on fire and I don't trust it, I need a new one now!

Diana said...

Kenmore brand of "anything" is just plain CRAP. We've always gotten Maytag and have never had an issue. We have the stainless steel, only because Jeff wanted it-can't stand it! Personally, I'd rather have a black one!
Love the freezer on the bottom-roomier than one might think and having water/ice in the door I always felt was for the "rich", but it really does make me drink more water! Especially since it's all I now drink! ;)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I will never, ever, ever, ever, buy Kenmore again! I was lulled into the false sense of security of my childhood when back in "the day" Sears made products that stood the test of time.

I would have preferred a bottom freezer from all of the comments I got on facebook, but as much as you hear about "same day delivery" it really doesn't exist. Not wanting my house to burn down I had to decide between what was available in stock for "next day" delivery and ended up with, I think, a Frigidaire, plain white, small freezer on top. I'm hoping it won't take too much adjustment!