Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sunday morning interview....really?

omg.  I can't believe I scheduled this skype interview with our close friend "Ram", aka Rambo Doc SFG 1 last Sunday morning at 6:00am PST!  I really don't know how we pulled it off considering that Saturday evening is our "date night" and Sunday 7:00am is some serious garage morning training with my girls!  Here is most of the interview before I had to leave (and step out to the garage gym at 7:00am!). Mark went on with Rambo Doc for another hour or so.

In part three I don't say a single word BUT my brilliant husband offers up so much great information about kettlebell training and training in general.  Anybody who knows me knows I have said a million times over that I never, ever, tire of listening to Mark speak or teach.  In fact he shares his wisdom and experience with me every single day of my life.  AND I always say, the words that come out of my mouth most likely came out of his mouth first!  Enjoy!

A huge thank you to our dear friend Rambo Doc for requesting and editing/posting this interview.  You can find more information by liking "Soul of Strength" on FaceBook.

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Anonymous said...

Great interview! Fat Fairy? Love it!

Peace ~ Bear