Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Top 40" is ready and waiting for you!

I'm really happy to announce that my newest workouts, "Top 40" are available starting today!  Top 40 has 4 complete workouts designed with the beginner in mind, but I promise even the most advanced will have a ton of fun with these routines!

Top 40 is the first to include a 15 min joint mobility warm up lead my MSFG Mark Reifkind, and also includes a complete 15 minute "OTM" 2 hand swing workout, the same one in my book, The Swing, just for those of you starting out your strength and endurance training.  Train along with me and 1/2 dozen of my regular students, while I give you options and demonstrations on how to scale the workloads so you can progressively improve your skill and level of fitness simultaneously.

Oh, and as always I'll give you even more options once you practice some or all of these routines by posting, free of charge, a companion Top 40 workout at the end of February!  So start training!



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oh, and the companion workout is going to be really really fun too!