Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't Buy, Don't Eat.

I have some food packed and ready to take tomorrow.  I'll be testing my 16kg snatch at 11:15am, and my 12kg 10 min SS jerk around 3:00pm. I'm pretty happy with that schedule.  We leave for the airport at 5:15am, arrive in So Cal around 8:00am....lots of coffee until about 10:00...lots of peeing before the snatch test!  I don't plan on being hungry at all for most of the day, too much excitement and lots to take in, but when my second event is over?  It's on!

When I have a weekend event, whether it's a Cert, a workshop, or now a competition, I cruise through the weeks beforehand being especially adherent to some of my food rules.  I know the foods that help me feel lighter, leaner, healthier and I stay away from them, but I'm motivated to! What do I do in the off times?  Stick to some rules!

If you don't buy it, you don't eat it!

This is one I'm getting better and better at all the time.  In fact I'm getting so good at it this one that it is the main rule/subject of this blogpost.  This mainly applies to over buying, "stocking up", but it could also mean not buying that pint of ice cream that I think I might save until the weekend, and then end up eating it that night.  Lately I have to remind myself of this rule when it comes to overbuying seasonal veggies and gourmet foods, but especially seasonal treats that go on sale the days after the Holidays.  Valentine candy will be 50% off in a week, will I cave?  I already know the answer, which is a big fat NO, because from this rule came another I set for myself just this past New Year.

NO SALE FOODS (usually candy!)  Oh, I can buy full price candy if I want it, I just can not buy seasonal candy/treats if they are on sale.  I used to let myself be triggered by this all the time, but no more.  In fact I'm tempted to extend this new rule to apply to everything on sale (a completely different blogpost for another time). Back to this rule.  The first time I went into a market after making this new rule I headed straight over to the sale bin...whoops!  No can do!  So I walked away, and it wasn't that bad!  In fact it felt kind of good!  Easier and easier all the time.

Seasonal veggies.  I've hoarded tomatoes, persimmons (every year), winter squash (this year), spring garlic, nectarines, oh, all kinds of fruits and vegetables that are only available at certain times of the year.  If I know some varieties will be making their last appearances I'll buy in bulk...which means I'll eat in bulk!  Like the new rule above I've recently added this new one to apply to all other foods. NO HOARDING!

This one has snuck up on me...last time was just a couple of weeks ago when I bought 2 Kabocha squashes, when I already had one at home! Why do I need three 4 lb squashes?  Because I love Kabocha squash!  BUT, if I cook it, I'll eat it!  All of it!  Sure, there are foods worse to eat than squash, but there are better foods too. So, if the first rule sneaks by me this rule kicks in!  I don't cook it until I'm ready and wanting to eat it.  But this could also apply to making much bigger quantities of foods that I love, but I clearly don't need.  Oatmeal would be one of them!  I'm often tempted to make a double serving of oats....but I don't...most of the time....and now I can't, because of the rule!

So guess what I cooked this morning to take on my trip?  Yep, a whole Kabocha squash, sliced and roasted!  It's time!

If I don't buy foods I don't want to eat, I won't eat them!
I can't buy any foods on sale (seasonal treats), or hoard any kinds of foods.
I can't cook food, that I buy too much of, or in too big of quantities, unless I'm ready and wanting to eat it.

Of course the last two won't have to be a rules for long as the first one will take over completely!  And as soon as I finish the squash the last rule for the most part will be N/A!


Meg Lloyd, RKC said...

So how was the snatch competition???? Go rock the jerks!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I got a PR, 121 reps, I'll post the video, not that you would want to watch any part of it excpet the last 32 seconds when I almost dropped the bell! My grip freezed up and the transfer was a bit wonky!

The jerk comp was amazing. I hope to get you all training for it! Of course, right? It's a new routine I call;

"I do, you do!" lol