Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kettlebell Sport

This is really just a short blog post about a competition I'm going to be participating in next weekend 2/9 in Costa Mesa, Ca.  It's going to be short because in all honestly I really don't know much about it yet, both the sport and the competition, and I was reminded of how little I really knew about it yesterday.

Yesterday, Tuesday morning, after my early training I met with an athlete and coach of Girya Sport, John Wild Buckley. John was generous enough to drive to Palo Alto, from Oakland, and spend an hour or so with me, teaching me what he could (at this point, competition 12 days away) about the events I am registered to compete in, a 5 minute snatch test, and the 10 min short cylcle clean and jerk (only one clean, then consecutive jerks, and with only one hand switch for the duration).  All I can say is wow!  Very interesting and challenging stuff!  Okay, I said it was going to be short, and when I'm confident enough about giving more information I will.

Breathing is key
Timing/pacing is key (right up my alley! I love this part!)
Rest/relaxation is key
Alignment is key  (again, right up my alley! I so need this concept in all parts of my life)
Technique is key
Strength, of course, is key
Mental strength, and I got me some of that, is key

This could all be said about any sport I guess!  These are some of the things that separate sport from exercise.  Exciting huh?

The first five skills are what my main focus is going to be in the next 11 days now...the other two things I've already built a foundation that, fingers crossed, will carry me through the first five!  I'll keep you all posted!

Here is video of my last set being coached by John.  It was 4 minutes long and I was concentrating on the new breathing technique and pace that he showed me that I forgot a bunch of other stuff!  The pace was 12 reps per minute (I believe).  My lats are pretty sore this morning!  Yay!


Roland Denzel @ said...

Tracy, you're going to do great!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thank Roland!

Mark and I are really looking forward to the whole experience, especially the beers and "BS" afterwards that John promised us!

Hanneke said...

This is so cool and interesting!!

I'm very interested how it will go and where it will take you.

So how about the snatch? Isn't that a complete different style than hard style? Did you practice that too?

Diana said...

Can't wait to hear how all goes...I'm sure you'll nail it! I wanted to give this area a try last year, but I had the marathon bug biting my ass it's the triathlon bug this time-we'll have to talk after you're done, I want to hear all about it!


Maribel said...

Holy Smokes!! That guy is a gigantor!!!

Looking awesome Tracy. I'm sure your training/prep will trickle down to us, your minions. I'm kinda skeered!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's all different! The reason why I'm involved in this competition is that "Orange Kettlebell Club" (the promoters) are mixing up the rules and allowing a 5 minute snatch test for reps (either the 12kg, or 16kg).

It's a way for them to bridge the gap, and I'll be writing more about that soon.

What is so exciting is the chance to compete! I mean, training when you have a purpose can feel much more rewarding and motivating. I'm so lucky that Mark is good friends with John Wild Buckley, as it's his crew that have the vision of helping all kettlebell athletes, Hardstyle or GS be recognized for hard and consisent training. And we all want to be recognized, don't we?

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana....oh, I think a monster is being created! But running a marathon is cool :) Don't know how to swim, so tri's are out! (too late to teach an old dog that trick!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Omg...can you imagine YOU standing next to him? Funny thing is that his girlfriend, Nazo, is barely 5' and a shoe size 4! You should friend them both on FB!

John Wild Buckley
Nazo okc

And you're damn right about the trickle down effect!

albina N muro said...

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