Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy New Week!

Monday is pretty close to my favorite day of the week!  I like them all, for different reasons;

Tuesday is my first kettlebell workout of the week (love).
Wednesday is normally a writing/ cooking morning and yoga practice.
Thursday's kettlebells take up most of my day starting at 5:30am with my own training.  And since it's been freezing, it's especially challenging, which adds to the hardcore feeling of it (which I like)
Friday....I like Friday because it's Friday!  (and lots of other reasons too!)
Saturday.  Yikes!  On Saturdays I don't much think about what lie ahead!  It's the hardest training day of my week by far, starting at 7:00 am and most weekends going on until 12-12:30...I love it!  Not time to think, just to do!
Sunday.  Sunday actually may be my least favorite day.  Sunday has no routine, no regular plans, it's completely willy nilly.  I should change that....yes, I think I will!

Monday.  Ah, Monday!  So nice to be back to the routine! But that's not what I like so much about it.  What I like most about Mondays is that, like the first of the New Year, Monday is the first of the New Week!  It's like a celebration every 7 days!

I get to start over.  I get a chance to "fix" what I didn't like the week before, or repeat what I did like, and make it better.  It's a brand new day to a brand new week.  Monday is always hopeful, at least I always feel hopeful on Mondays.

Have you already forgotten that it's only been a few weeks since Jan 1st?  Lucky us that every New Year starts with  New Week, and a New Day!  And every Monday I remember better, that I have such a wonderful life.....and it's only the beginning!

Have a Happy New Week and a wonderful Monday!


Mahda16 said...

Mondays here in the Mid-Atlantic have been gray and dreary for ummmm about 3 weeks now. In fact the days in between have been pretty dark too! For me it's easy to go blythely along and enjoy life, but for some, it isn't so much fun ....but on the whole, my days aren't so bad either, Monday through Sunday.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Mary Ann,

Bad weather conditions should be the biggest of our least that's what I try and remind myself of often.

Funny that when I posted all of those photos of traveling kettlebells last week, the snow and cold weather ones were my favorite! I'm hoping to get one while I'm in Columbus this next weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, and your perspective on Mondays. So refreshing :) I'm jealous of your schedule, to be honest. I wish fitness/health/wellness (and kettlebells!!) was my job.

Diana said...

My favorite day is Wednesday....that's my snatching day!