Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting to 10 continous reps

10 kettlebell swing reps with the right weight ain't no joke!  If you forgot how challenging that was when you first learned, then pick up a heavier bell!  I work with new people all the time, most are not, or never have considered themselves "athletic", and may have never really exercised on a regular basis before.  Even if they had, I've seen 10 kettlebell swings take the wind from runners, triathletes, and lots of people that pride themselves with their current level of fitness.  But any exercise can be difficult if you've never done it before or if you don't do it become good at what you practice.  If you don't practice swings how can you improve?  It's the same with any skill.

Since I work with many clients brand new to kettlebells, and most times brand new to exercise, here is a little  swing rep ladder drill to coach them to 10 continuous swing reps.

The pattern becomes obvious and it's one I use in tons and tons of workouts!  You simply split 10 in half into two sets of 5, and work back up to one set of 10.  I call these "double sets", 5/5, 6/4, 7/3, 8/2, 9/1, until you get to the last and single set of 10.  The important part is after the first set, in a double set, take as much rest as you need before starting the next double set.  This does not need to be done on a clock.  The only part that is "timed" is when I'm swinging during your first rest period.  Remember, after your second set, in the double set, take the rest you need!

In the video we start a double set every 45 seconds, which means this demonstration is roughly a 2 parts rest to 1 part work ratio.  If you are an Instructor it's a great way for you to coach a client who need more rest, OR if you train with a partner that needs more rest than you do (or you need more rest than they do!).  One person does the double set, while the other only does the first set, the set in between the other's double set....make sense?  (great for husband and wife training together as usually one of them needs more rest....and I'm not going to say which one!)

I'm here in San Diego today and tomorrow swinging my little heart out!  So no excuse, get to it!


Diana said...

That's a great way of teaching how to increase reps! LOVE it!
You're so damn smart-I'm glad we're friends!

Tracy Reifkind said...



Pat Carroll said...

We used this as a warmup today ... got me swinging a 28k bell

Susan K said...

After a break from working out (gah! how does that happen?), I've been easing back in. This was helpful.

(BTW part of my ease-back-in practice has been warm ups and drills from your Mastering the Swing DVD. A variation to ensure I'm comfortable with the bell after the break is a variation on pendulum swings. 5 pend+5 swings+5 pends -- Did a few sets of those before hiking the kettlebell from out front.)

I used this technique yesterday to build up reps in my swing workout, only instead of building up to 10 straight reps, I worked toward 20 using the same logic.
10+10; 11+9; 12+8, etc. (It was my 3rd workout after the long break)

Made it up to 18+2, and finished the last two 20s as 10+10+10+10 equal work + rest, to complete the full count.

Next time I workout, I'm sure I'll finish out with 19+1, and 20. (total = 220 swings)