Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stay Calm and Chalk Up....experiencing some technical difficulties!

Yikes!  I have been so resistant to new technology because...well, I guess you could look at it two ways...  Lucky because I never worry about that stuff, you know computers and such. Or not lucky, because it's practically a foreign language to me and very intimidating.  Maybe the latter.

I've got a couple of video workouts I have yet to get the energy to figure out how to post from my iPad.  Also, I did a couple of new workouts this morning that will start to back up, so at the very least I've got to journal them so I don't forget!  One is called "See Saw" and the other is a killer "work into rest" variation.  Both of which I will repeat a few different ways this weekend...oh and I've got a "No Brainer" from Tuesday that is freakin' hard!  Luckily no brain cells required!

Really I just wish I could invite you all over to swing with me!

Funny thing happened this afternoon...

I introduced one of my newbies to chalk!  There is something hardcore about "chalking up".  She is relatively new to the problem of sweaty and calloused hands and was shy about using the chalk.  I walked over to her, motioned for her to hold out her hands and then aggressively rubbed a block of chalk thickly over her palms and fingers.

Rubbing chalk into your hands, walking back and forth to the chalk stand or whatever you've got a block of chalk sitting on or in, while doing hundreds of swing reps is cool!  And then when you get chalk dust all over your pants it's just bad ass (in a good way!)  So my new phrase is;

"Stay calm and chalk up!"

From that point on she was not shy about grabbing the chalk!  Guaranteed she is a different woman now!

Getting used to my new computer and stuff can feel like a drag, but in the mean time I'm so lucky to be married to a bad ass former gymnast and lifter that shared his chalk with me so I can chalk myself up and chalk up my peeps!

FYI  Above picture is of the chalk stand in our garage gym, also known as "Stone's Gym".  It was part of the original Iron Works Gym in Campbell CA that we purchased and took over 1989, renaming it World Gym, Campbell.  Iron Works Gym was the first major barbell gym in Northern California, and was host to some of the greatest Power and Olympic lifting athletes, as well as throwers, in the world.  This chalk stand is over 35 years old and maybe had the likes of Bruce Jenner, Mac Wilkins, Jim McGoldrick, Ben Pluncknett, Kevin Winter, Tore Gufstasson, and Scott Wilson, Nick Sweeny, as well as special guests like Louie Simmons for starters and many many more!  I was lucky enough to meet some of these amazing athletes (when I wasn't hiding out in shame about being fat!), and a few of them were some of Mark's very good friends (and still are!)

Another FYI  We purchased Iron Works Gym from it's original owner, the inventor and creator of Met RX Dr. Scott Connely...just sayin!


Anne said...

There's definitely something meditative and bad ass about grabbing the chalk block between brutal sets!

Tracy Reifkind said...


In this case "brutal" is a term of endearment, right?

Diana said...

That's a really great pic!
I'm intrigued by this workout called "see saw"...hurry up and get your technology fear under control! This new computer system we use at the hospital is incredible...not sure who comes up with this crap-technical to say the least-it's definitely NOT a "no brainer"!
I definitely prefer chalking up and throwing heavy stuff around versus having my face lost in a computer while my patient sits wondering; "what the hell is she doing" care-ugh! I have one suggestion to everyone: become accountable for yourself, stay healthy and stay away from hospitals!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Great advice, on all counts. Get my fear under control, and stay out of hospitals!

I actually think you will like both of the new workouts!

Crystal Schulz said...

Hi Tracy,

I love to swing with you! I'v set up my computer with speakers in the basement and use your videos you post. It's like group exercise and just the motivation I need! Keep 'em comin!


Jonathon Drushel said...

I wish I could use chalk as I get sweaty but despite any fitness gains from it my wife would kill me if I got it all over the apartment.

guy said...

You could even change it for whiners and make it "Chalk it off, wimp!" :) I can't wait for the new swing practices!!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hi Crystal....working on it!

The way I figure it, I'm doing the workout anyway, so why not invite a few of you to play along?

Tracy Reifkind said...


Take your bells (and chalk) outside! lol

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yikes! I refrain from using the word "wimp", I prefer weenie! (DO NOT even go there....)