Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Brainer Snatch workout

Could it be true?  Did I do more snatch reps than swing reps yesterday?  Yep, but barely!  I'll get back to that but here is the No Brainer Snatch workout:

2 minute work set/1 min rest 

repeat as many as you have time or energy for...I did 10 sets this way to equal a 30 minute workout, just sayin.

Ok, so there it is. 2 minute sets with only 1 minute rest. You have a lot of options and before I tell you exactly I did mine I thought I'd give you some ideas, or if you have another, please share!

#1 you can snatch as fast as you can for 2 minutes switching from L to R as many times as you want to.

#2 You can snatch as slow as you want within the two minutes switching from R to L as many times as you want to, but I suggest if you are working on "snatch holds" then switch as little as possible., and maybe use a heavier bell.

#3 You can make a game out of it and do you first set as fast as possible, and either try to match that first set as many more times as possible.  Remember you only have one minute rest!

#4 Snatch as fast as possible the first set (or two) and incrementally decrease you total snatch reps until you get to a comfortable pace for you.

#5 Chose a fast pace, but not "all out" and break up hand switches into a variety of personal favorite.....progressively, of course!  Here is my exact workout:


30 R, 30 L x 2 sets
25 R, 25 L, 5 R, 5 L x sets
20 R, 20 L, 10 R, 10 L x 2 sets
15 R, 15 L, 15 R, 15 L x 2 sets
10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L x 2 sets

10 sets of 60 reps, 30 R, 30 L = 600 snatch reps in 30 minutes

I chose a very fast and challenging pace, but not an "all out" pace (pretty close though).

Challenging in a number of ways.  The pace itself was challenging, of course, but I also challenged my grip and strength endurance by not switching from R to L in the first part of each set, laddering down continuous reps until a comfortable 10 R, 10 L.  Who am I kidding!  There was nothing comfortable about those last two sets!  It was pure wonderful torture!  I gotta do it again sometime!

Without going into too much detail, I started out my swing training with a super fun, soon to be posted "100" swing workout that totaled 700 swings in 27.5 minutes.  700 swings, 600 snatches?  I thought I said I did more snatch reps that swings?  Here was the warm up before I started my snatch reps, in case you are interested,

Snatch warm up
sn/tr x 2 sets 30/30 = 16 reps
5/5 x 2 set 30/30 = 20 reps
30 sec 7/7 (30 rest)
1 min 14/14 (28) (1 min res)
1.5 min 14/14, 7/7 (42) (1 min rest)

120 snatches 8.5 min

There it is!  20 more snatch reps than swing reps!

total workout, swings and snatches, 1 hour 6 minutes. 700 swings, 720 snatches (give or take a bunch of transfer swings!)

PS this pace works out to 15 snatch reps per 30 sec interval.


Anonymous said...

Tracy. I am beginning with kettlebells and looking for maybe a 10 minute workout to start. Any suggestions?


guy said...

Pook, I am not Tracy, but "The Swing" is chokful of begginer routines. A great read, just saying.

Anonymous said...

Cool.I will get it

Tracy Reifkind said...


I was going to suggest my book, of course, but I never want to sound as if I'm "selling" something.

But the truth is that I wrote exact swing workouts to take you from just learning the skill to the training programs that allow you to decide and design your own workouts according to your abilities. And how to scale the workloads in a progressive way so you can build your strength and cardio conditioning. The Swing is basically your "personal swing trainer" for under $20. Can't beat it!

If you want to follow along to a DVD, Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell swing not only teaches you the skill but it has 2 30 minute workouts on a separate disk that you can scale down to 15 min, or even 10. (hopefully you'll want t do more!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Thanks! I was thinking about video taping the all of the workouts, exactly, that are in the book. Whatcha think?

guy said...

That would be an excellent idea Ma'am. I know I would buy a copy!

Anonymous said...


Hi! Another crazy workout you posted I want to try. I don't think I can hang with all those reps! Worth a shot to try.

I have a question for you. I want to buy your swing book and Mastering the Swing DVD for my wife. I need help judging what size bell for her to start with. I don't want to scare her away with to heavy a bell. She is 30, 5ft5 and weights 140. She is looking to lose 20 lbs of fat and firm up her body some. She has ZERO weight training experience so I want to get her started on the right foot. Any help with a bell size and tips would be fantastic.


Tracy Reifkind said...


Now that we have a 10kg available this weight has proven to be, quite possibly, the perfect starting weight for a beginning female, of average weight and because of her age, and no history of injury, reasonably healthy and fit for a non exerciser! It translates into 20-22lbs, so if you have to pick up a bell from any other manufacturer that would be the starting point. I did a short video on Youtube and my facebook fan page (The Swing) demonstrating "how to choose the right size kettlebell".

Basically you need on heavy enough that you cannot "front raise" or "lift" with your arms. You need a bell heavy enough for you to learn how to use your hips. Here's the link to the video;

Anonymous said...

Your AWESOME! Thanks for taking the time to respond and linking the video. I will take her to the store to size a bell before I order one.

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