Saturday, August 18, 2012

20kg snatch Power Snatch

I snatched the 20kg today...just sayin'. I know there are lots of women in the RKC (and outside of the RKC) that have no problem snatching the 20kg on a regular basis, but I'm not comparing myself to them! I do plenty of training, but I'm no super woman, nor do I pretend to be! Because of the volume of ballistics I do on a weekly basis my focus is not on strength. I like what I do, if I didn't I would change it!


1 rep power snatches, 30 sec work/30 sec rest x 2 sets (12kg, 14kg, 16kg, video starts here, 18kg, 20 kg)

2 rep power snatches, 30 sec work/rest x 2 sets

15 sec/15 sec R/L intervals, 30 sec rest x 2 sets

total of 30 sets = 30 minutes (44 reps w/20kg)

Not a big deal as far as reps go. Maybe could have snatched more reps, but I was just establishing a baseline, since I haven't snatched the 20kg in months if not years.  I still have to show up and train another day, and this was only the first 30 minutes of a 3 hour training day.

On another positive note, my training partner Maribel snatched the 16kg for the first time today, which is why I put her on the video, and I can see that the my other training partners, Deepika and Sabina are all just months away from testing the 16kg snatch!  (maybe Christmas time?)  It was a great day in the gym this morning!

OK, so what I learned today.

NOT being able to transfer from R to L was way harder having to put the bell down between reps and or sides (R /L).

The 18kg is way lighter than the 20kg, in fact it feels like the 16kg to me.

Once I lay off so much volume, like I have been doing (not because of this, but for other reasons), my grip strength has more time to recover to be able to hold onto the bell handle of such a heavy weight...which was the limiting factor the last time I snatched the 20kg.

My last sets of a 30 minute + warm up workout were with the 20kg.  Next time I will get to the 20kg (and 24kg) sooner.  I was gauging my ability based on the 18kg.

Probably got to get a 22kg...

PS  Video starts at the last two rotations where I start with the 18kg and finish with the 20kg. I pulled Maribel into the video half way so she could review her own reps.  I had a couple of students come in at odd times based on my old schedule that changed this week so I was trying to explain and catch them up on what we were already doing.


Jen said...

Very inspiring, as I finally just moved up to the 12kg after almost 5 months of trying. Thanks for the video!

Maribel said...

I had no intention of snatching the 16k, but when you said "treat every snatch as if it were X" it clicked and I went for it. I've been on cloud 9 all day!

I really liked these power snatches. It really pushed me.

dherself said...

I've been having trouble watching your prior videos on my laptop because they would annoyingly freeze often. This video played perfectly! I hope that continues. Thanks for showing us how to get it done, Tracy!


guy said...

Slamming work, BossLady! I have thinking of changing my ballistic work up to have one day to train for the SSST w/ the 24kg. No rush though, when I get there...I get there.

Diana said...

I haven't (due to a different obligation right now) snatched in a month...oh the agony of withdrawal makes it hard to watch your video!
Power snatching, now this is just my opinion, looks like a pain in the ass. I'm sure it does something positive in a training sense, but for me to snatch, put the bell down, snatch, etc.....would be worse than putting a shotgun to my head. You have me sooooooo internally wired for high volume that I know I'd hate doing these power snatches. I would, however, like to know what they do for training purposes though....maybe that would help me to turn and face the strange!
PS/So nice to hear you mention Sabina's name....say "hello" for me!

Mark Reifkind said...

that is SO awesome honey. Love to see you throw around those big bells. 24 kg next!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You know, "back in the day" before many people, especially women were using kettlebells, there was never a rush to increase bell size. I never felt embarrassed because I was only pressing the 8kg! That's why I don't worry about being the biggest and strongest! But it's fun to test what consistent training allows you to play with every once in a while!

Congratulations on moving up to the 12kg!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It makes so happy to hear I can actually sound like a real coach! Plan on testing around the Holidays!

I was treating all of my bells like the 20kg that morning cause that's where I was crossing my fingers I would get to!

Power snatches suck!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Good news and gave me some good news about the quality of video, but for now I can only get 10 minutes or less on Youtube from my iPad. That means no more 20-25 minute workouts all on one go.

I kind of like those "train along" non stop videos!

Tracy Reifkind said...


The consistent high volume ballistics can set you up for the heavy and long SSST, you would suprise yourself!

Get a baseline for the bell size you know you can go the distance. You may not go the distance with the 16kg, but find our where you are. Then change a few things up in your training and test again in 8-10 weeks. Incrementally move towards it. But if you don't know where you are then you can't move towards it!

I ended up doing less that 50 snatch reps with the 20, but looking at it now most of them were done from a dead stop, and 44 is almost 1/2 of 100! Goodness, it would be a dream to do the snatch test with the 20kg. I'm not getting any younger so I better keep on it!

First I'll work on the 100 reps, and not worry about the time it takes me. Or I'll test the 5 minutes and not worry about rep count. Two options, two "goals".

Tracy Reifkind said...


What? Goodness, it must be a dang good reason!

Power snatching is a pain in the ass! And now looking at the video reminds me of how sucky it was!

But high volume doesn't always mean continuous. High volume means high rep count withing one workout.

Here in this first 30 min (or so) we did about 225-235 snatch reps, that's still alot of snatch reps! (mine went from 12-20kg)

No worries, there was a lot more "HV" afterwards in the following 60 minutes! It's a 90 minute training session!

JenG said...

Nice on snatching the 20kg!!! I am impressed as I can barely clean mine and I can only press it twice. Datsit! LOL.

Miss Cane said...

Do you have any plans to tape a beginners snatch video like you did for the swing ?
The swing one was so good for those of us starting out and now I and I am sure many others would love one demonstrating the correct method to snatch.
....Oh dear this is now sounding like a begging letter ! sounding very petulant but I want arms and shoulders just like yours !!!

Many thanks