Friday, May 25, 2012

Food Journal entry Thursday 5/24 (revised)

Like most people I will eat what is ready! I will also eat when I may not be hungry just because something is ready!  Fine line, and here are two examples. (at the end of my day)

5:30am-7:00am kettlebell swings/light presses
11:00am 30 min swing class (6kg)
11:45-12:15 walk

coffee/cream 100

2.5 tbl pnb (250)  / raisins (160) broccoli and carrot sticks
pate (180) / crackers (110)
WF freebies (90)...reaction, pita chips
dried persimmon (75)
sm slice of cornbread (120)
corn soup, 2 c. (300) / chicken 3 oz (150)
1535, 2:00pm, well within range

oops...strawberry and cottage cheese extravaganza!
2lbs strawberries (300) / 1 c cottage cheese (240) / 2 tbl sugar (90) (630!)
2165, 4:30pm, boderline....

5 oz steak, ok, maybe 6oz (300)

I had cleaned and sliced a 4 lb container of strawberries the day before so when I went into the kitchen for some dinner...I opened the fridge and viola!  Instead of waiting for my steak to cook (a whole freakin' 15 minutes) I decided it was a good idea to eat some strawberries.  I'm not sure if I've ever made a meal out of strawberries before....for sure grapes, melon and cherries!

I went ahead and cooked the steak, of course, Mark had to eat!  Left it on the counter, covered, 30 minutes later I went to slice some for Mark and put the rest the fridge, not my tummy! It didn't work out that way! That steak was soooo good!  Oh well, just thought I'd share!  Moral of the story?  I ate strawberries because they were ready, and the steak? Same reason...same with the damn Whole foods samples....same with the corn bread...

I'm up early as usual this morning and getting foods ready that I actually want to eat and feel good about!  Eggs, done, salad, done, lamb stew pre-portioned, and I've pre-measured cherries.....just in case! (8oz cherries 150 cal.)

I just wanted to share this comment that was left for me so as to clear up the intention of this post. The intention is not that I "blew it", the intention is to show the example of taking responsibility of my choice and decision through honest journaling.  My journal is just "data".  Data to help me change my habits if I want to.

  • Tracy, it is good to know you share this struggle with food after so much success. Thank you for that!
    12 minutes ago · 

  • The Swing This is not an example of a "struggle". Its simply an example of how sometimes I react to foods or situations. It's not a big deal, and most of the time I'm conscious of all the actions I take, whether they involve food/eating or not. I share this post as an example of being able to look back on a decision (through journaling) and knowing that, #1 I made a choice at that time based on an old habit. It's not a struggle, just a part of an old habit. The other part of the old habit I've changed is that at one time it would have been cookies instead of strawberries and yogurt!

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Unknown said...

I'm curious about when and how you moved up from the 1200 calories you used in your book.