Monday, May 14, 2012

Enjoy some time off to catch up.

Well, it's Monday morning and I just spent the last 36 hours in bed
with some of the worst bodyaches and an upset tummy, and I'm still not 100%.  I literally could not move and slept all through Mothers Day having to cancel my plans to visit my granddaughter Sophi :(  I think it's best if I take today off so I can get back in the gym for tomorrow workout.  I've got lots of stuff to catch up on, including some blog posts I've been wanting to write.  As much as my obsessive mind wants to go out and do something it's best to enjoy some time off...I think I may make another pot of coffee!


Jen said...

Ahhh Tracy, I'm sorry that you didn't feel good. I hope that you had a nice restful day and feel strong again.

xoxo Jen

P.S. We're home now!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks jen, I really can't believe I slept the whole entire day! But moving hurt! I had to lie perfectly still...:(