Monday, July 4, 2011

What's in Your Kitchen?

I can tell you what's in mine...better yet I can tell you what's NOT in my kitchen! What's not in my kitchen is anything that has to do with baking or making desserts, except for maybe 2 round cake pans, 1 springform pan...I think that's it. Sure I have a double boiler (melting chocolate), and I have a hand mixer (but I can't tell you the last time I used it!), and other stuff that can be used in other kinds of food prep. Not only did I get rid of 99% of my baking equipment I don't even keep flour in the house. If I need flour I buy the amount I need, that way I'm never tempted to make a batch of cookies or a cake of any kind.

A few years ago I gave a ton of kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils, and gadgets, etc to my niece Dana, including a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, a brand new (still in the box) waffle maker, cake pans, madeline molds, pie plates, cake stands and decorating turn table, mini muffin tins, cookie cutters, piping bags, oh goodness, I can't even remember all the stuff I gave her.

I had way too much stuff in my kitchen that I didn't need and it was time to clean house. I used to work in a gourmet kitchen store so you can imagine the merchandise I accumulated. I've since gone through my cabinets and cupboards at least 2 more times and I thought I had edited much of my hoard, but here I am again ready to reduce my inventory by at least half.

Although I have every size pot and pan All Clad sells I only use 2 regularly, and maybe another 2-3 enough to keep them around. ( 6 qt and 3 qt saute pan, 3 qt and 4 qt sauce pan, and a 5qt. dutch oven). Do you know how heavy those pots are? When I want to make a pot of oatmeal I pull out an old 3 qt Reverware that's as light as a feather. I also use it to soak beans (which are soaking right now!) I own 3 pressure cookers that have prime real estate within arms reach and those are what I use at least 90% of my cooking time. A couple of roasting pans and I'm good to go.

As far as utensils and gadgets most often used are my tongs, those I have three sets. I have a favorite strainer, a small strainer for lemon juice, and ton of measuring spoons I use everyday....measuring cups of course....I measure alot! In fact this post is a prelude to what I bought today that will quickly join my list of most used utensils....(more to come) Oh, a whisk! Gotta have a good whisk! My favorite is made by Rosle. I use cheap $5.95 knives for chopping. slicing, dicing even boning meat and I just replace then every 2-3 months as they get too dull to sharpen. Metal mixing bowls that I even eat my salads out of! And speaking of salads, I do own quite a few vegetable shredders.

I have utensils that help when I roast a turkey, because I roast alot of turkeys....a lifter, a baster, a rack, etc. I have a shrimp deveiner. I rarely use my microplane for grating cheese, but as a zester it's awesome. Recently I pulled out my lemon/lime press....lovin' it!

A blender, a food processor, a food mill, an immersion blender, a ricer (the only time I use it is at Thanksgiving for mashed potates, but worth keeping), and yes I do have and use everyday my toaster though. The ice cream maker will stay. And the coffee maker is a no brainer.

I can easily get rid of half of the things in my already small kitchen and still make amazingly delicious foods. I think I'll clean out the pantry too! All three shelves!

What's in your pantry? I can tell you what's NOT in mine! (next time)

PS We also own a nonstick omelet pan and spatula for Marks daily meal of a veg/egg stir fry. But he's the one that cooks it everyday, I never use it. And every year I swear I'm going to buy an outside grill....this year? I'm so close.....


Gayle said...

After all of your PC posts I caved and bought a pressure cooker last week. So far I'm diggin' it! I really, really like how it makes bone broths/stocks.

One of my more coveted kitchen items is my Staub dutch oven. I scored it for about half-price at TJ Maxx a few years ago. I love how things come out in it.

Maribel said...

My weakness! Kitchen tools.

My latest addition is a Vitamix that I got for Mother's day. Sure, a blender can work, but with the amount of smoothies I make, my blender was starting to burn out.

I think my favorite item is my 12inch cast iron skillet.

I also have a food processor that I use for cabbage salads. Shreds carrots, broccoli and cabbage in a snap.

I'm not much of a baker (too precise), but I do have a kitchen-aid since I bake for the kids...mostly cookies (I try to make them healthy, but a cookie is a cookie). It's good for mixing granola before baking it.

Me in a kitchen supply store is = danger to my credit card

Tracy Reifkind said...


There's nothing like quality, huh?

Congrats in diving into the PC world and I'm glad to have had a part in it. This is only the beginning and I hope to have you give me a few tips and ideas as you start to use it more and more.

My PC's are definitely my favorite kitchen tools but if I had to chose a close second it would be my All Clad 6 qt saute. I love all my copper pots but you can't eat a pot!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I get the vitamix thing for sure but $500 on a blender, ouch! I don't use mine that much except for smoothies now that I have an immersion blender. But I'll bet you could make some killer almond butter in that thing (as long as you could clean it out easily.

I never got into the cas iron skillet, although my friend Jen gave me a good one. I think it's one of those things that has to stay out on the stove top. I love pans that can go from stovetop to oven....I think I might have to pull mine out, lol!

I need a new food processor badly. Funny how we get "all cheap" on ourselves sometimes, wasting money of all kinds of less needed things, like.....

the danger to my credit card starts with "Lulu"....

maheswari said...

I can easily get rid of half of the things in my already small kitchen and still make amazingly delicious foods.

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