Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cleaning Out the Pantry

I always say, "If I buy it, I'll eat it!". I'm referring to some of my favorite foods, not my family's favs. After I wrote the last blogpost I turned to my attention to my pantry. Needless to say, I've been busy! I didn't have much to get rid of really, most of the stuff I had to remove or throw out was old. I guess that doesn't really surprise me because I keep my pantry stocked with mostly essential real ingredients, not ready made foods, and I have the luxury of going to the market daily (I like going to the market!) If I had to physically help someone start a diet or eating plan the first thing I would do is clean out the pantry! As I wrote about in the last blogpost, it's not what's in your kitchen , it's more about what's NOT in your kitchen. That includes the pantry.

A few things that are never in my pantry that I used to be are, bread/breakfast cereals/pancake mix, chips of any kind, cookies (those I hide in my trunk if I have them, lol), canned soups/chilis/beans, canned stock or broth, any kind of canned fruit or veg (except tomatoes, and salsas/jalapenos!), spaghetti sauce or boxed mac and cheese, granola bars, popcorn, parmesan cheese, dried powdered drinks (remember Cool-Aid), boullion cubes, and most baking supplies that include chocolate chips!

Things I keep in moderation are peanut butter, crackers, and dried fruits (especially raisins) and sugar (s). These are the most common items I will overeat if I have to much. In fact I will eat them until they are gone so I buy them one or two sevings at a time....seriously!

I have most other usual pantry items, but again I don't keep huge stockpiles. I'll write about those another time. I'd probably be in big trouble if some sort of disaster took place and I didn't have electricity or gas to use for cooking, but I'm willing to take that chance.

Cleaning out your pantry is like cleaning out your closet. You know what it feels like to look in a full, sometimes packed closet of clothes and still have nothing to wear? Looking in your pantry and not finding anything to eat is a pantry that relies on readymade foods. Having basic ingredients and knowing how to use them is key of course.

Now I'm busy with the organizational aspect of cleaning my pantry and kitchen cabinets. What is the first thing you can throw out of your cabinets or pantry? I've got a pile going and it's getting bigger by the day.....just making room for the next pressure cooker, lol!


Maribel said...

Having kids in sports, I have to keep snacks on hand. However, they are usually things like fruits, carrots and celery. Every once in a while I buy those granola bars, they eat 1 or 2 and then they get tossed. I make homemade granola, and they like that more.

I will NOT keep any type of chips in the house because I will eat the entire bag. All chips, any chips!

Assortment of lentils, beans, but mostly black. White rice for kids lunches (pressed rice balls or cubes).

Next should be freezer!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I love my homemade granola but again...if I have it I eat it all! I've got a recipe for protein bars however....hmmnn maybe I sohold have a bit of fun with those?

I find white beans to be my current favorite (I've got a rib and baked bean soup recipe coming soon!), and then lentils would be a second. Love black beans though.

When are you leaving? Are you going to be online while you are gone?

Maribel said...

Ohh...protein bars? share the recipe.

I'm leaving on the 16th. I wont really be online, but I may check email from a nearby cybercafe.