Thursday, July 14, 2011

Corn Yogurt "Pudding"...and my newest favorite kitchen utensil

Well, here it is! My absolute favorite dessert these days, corn and yogurt! I love it so much I swear I look forward to it everyday and I've made it at least 1/2 dozen different ways from tangy to super sweet.

It all started with a can of creamed corn..... I never buy canned veggies, but a couple of years ago (yep 2 years ago) I bought a can of creamed corn to try a "corn ice cream" recipe, and there it sat, way back on the top shelf of my pantry. This was back in the day when I was making alot of my own frozen yogurt...I may have posted about that. First of all, I love canned creamed corn! Anyway, I was jones'n for something sweet a few weeks ago and I thought, "hey", I think I'll put that can of creamed corn in some yogurt! Viola'....OMG....loved it!

You would think I would have gone out and bought more canned creamed corn.....and I thought about it....(seriously I freakin' loved it). But I know the reason why I loved it so much, it was because there's so much sugar in it and it's thick and "creamy". I also know that there is no cream in canned creamed's thickened with cornstarch. I'm not discriminating against cornstarch, but I knew I could get something just as yummy without the cornstarch (I'll save the artificial thickeners for when I really need them, lol) Below I share some of my favorite ways to make corn and yogurt "pudding".

This story brings me to share my newsest kitchen 1/2 c. "food disher". Looks like an ice cream scoop, but it's called a "food disher". It's a professional utensil used in the food service to portion out exact serving sizes. Why would I need to measure out an exact 1/2 c. serving? Because as I mentioned I love my yogurt and corn so much I could easily get carried away! I use it to measure out 1 c. yogurt, and I even use it to measure oats, cooked rice, cooked beans & lentils, all kinds of stuff.

It's too easy to "fudge" on serving sizes. I can pretty much "eyeball" a half cup serving, but then I'll take an extra spoonful thinking that "it's just a little more"! Well, "a little more" and "a little more" add up to "a lot more"! If I chose to take more than my scoop (s), well then I can't be in denial about it. "Food dishers" are available in all kinds of sizes and are really inexpensive, I think this cost me about $12 at Smart n Final. (you can find them less expensive on the internet but you'll pay S & H).

Corn and Yogurt Puddings

Here's the first version, which is a bit "white trashy" since it uses canned creamed corn.....oh, a whole can of creamed corn is only about 250 calories, and 1 c. plain yogurt is around 130-150. So for under 400 calories you get a huge serving.....OK, I admit, I fall victim to huge servings sometimes! If you don't have a tummy as big as your eyes only make 1/2 of this recipe...or
maybe share it with someone so you don't go back and eat the other half! I'm not going to lie, it probably is the equivilent of eating a candybar!

1st version

1 can creamed corn
1 c plain yogurt

(if you like it super duper sweet, but trust me this is sweet enough, use 6 oz vanilla yogurt)

2nd version

1 ear white corn, roasted, with a good pinch of kosher salt (white corn is sweeter)
1 c. plain yogurt
1- 1 1/2 tbl brown sugar

3rd version add the juice of one lime

4th version

1 ear corn (roasted, and with a good pinch of kosher salt)
6 oz vanilla yogurt

5th version

1 ear corn (roasted and w/good pinch salt)
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1/2 c cottage cheese
1-1/2 tbl brown sugar

6th version

1 ear corn (raosted and w/good pinch salt)
1/2 vanilla yogurt
1/2 c cottage cheese
juice of 1 lime

7th version

1 ear corn (roasted and w/good pinch of salt)
1 c cottage cheese
1-2 tbl brown sugar
juice of 1 lime

8th version

1 ear corn (roasted and w/good pinch of salt)
juice of 1 lime
1 c plain yogurt (really good quality yogurt is a must)

In this last version I don't add any sweetness so it's super tangy! Without the sugar I can eat more! I'm lucky that I found this "killer" sheep's milk yogurt at the PA Farmers' Market and it's so creamy and tangy that I hate to "ruin" it with the addition of sugar! I have to assume it's full fat, but still it's only 130 calories per c. for plain. The woman that makes the yogurt is the same one that I get the feta for my savory oats. Unfortunately she will only be making yogurt for another couple of weeks....but if you have access to homemade yogurt then I think you will find there's no need to add sugar.

This has motivated me to start making my own won't be made with sheeps milk, but I think it will still be better than store bought.


Beth said...

Oh my gosh, that does look and sound delicious! I was cracking up as I scrolled down and saw that you posted 8 versions! LOL! Love it!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Beth....and I've tried evey single one!

Yeserday I was stuck in Palo Alto for lunch, so I went to Whole foods, bought a vanilla yogurt and an ear of white corn. Went back to the studio, microwaved the corn, cut it from the cob and I was a happy girl for under $2! Lunch under $2 at Whole Foods? Wow!

Anonymous said...

This sounds great- can't wait to try it!!

Anonymous said...

Purchased your and Mark's new DVD Friday. I can't wait to get it.Going to use it to get in top condition to take care of my wife who has M.S. and eventually become an RKC myself

Tracy Reifkind said...


let me know if you do....try it, or like it!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sweet! Sounds like you have got your mind made up then!

Not only will our DVD teach you everything you need to know and see to properly train the swing (and then some!), but if RKC is one of your goals remember this....

Everything we teach is exactly how you should teach it. This DVD is equally valuable from the point of teaching as it is for learning! You'll see....

Beth said...

white corn is my favorite! And,seriously under $2 is awesome.